Brodeur puts himself on the top shelf 

December, 22, 2009

Today's question: Is there any goalie on the radar screen that could some day challenge Martin Brodeur's wins and shutout record?

While we all know that anything is possible, I think too many things would have to come together in just the right way for any present or future stopper to challenge those records. And, remember, the book isn't closed on Brodeur, who's primed to build on those skyscraper statistics over the next few seasons.

To challenge the mindboggling numbers, a gifted and talented young goalie (Brodeur was just 21 at the start of his first full NHL season) would have to land a starting job on a strong defensive team, stay healthy and play roughly 90 percent of the team's games for at least 15 seasons. During that entire time, the team would have to stay ultra competitive to give that goaltender a reasonable chance to compile that mountain of victories and shutouts.

Kid goaltenders around the globe will set their sights on Brodeur's marks. Hey, you have to dream big, right? But, it's going to take someone very special landing in just the right spot to get anywhere near Marvelous Marty Brodeur.

Now, here are few questions from the studio audience.

E.J. Hradek

Senior Writer, ESPN The Magazine
E.J. Hradek is a senior writer at ESPN The Magazine, joining the staff prior to its launch in 1998. He began covering hockey as a writer/editor for Hockey Illustrated in 1989.