Martin, Michalek will help Penguins 

September, 13, 2010

What a weekend. This time of year, after Labor Day, there's just a lot of everything going on. Kids go back to school. Schedules change. Football is everywhere you turn.

The post-Labor Day changes can be abrupt, but when it comes to pucks, those changes can be quite informative as well. Right now, rookie tournaments are in full swing in different corners of North America. Once upon a time, these were hidden events. Now with our amazing technology, we can find some of these games streaming online. Believe me, that's some good change.

As I work on preview content for various ESPN platforms, here's a look at the Atlantic Division for 2010-11. As always, check out the "Summer Skate" series I worked on with Puck Prospectus for even more detail on what to look for this year.