The slow fade of the Washington Capitals 

December, 16, 2010

I just watched/heard a recently recorded version of "Blue Christmas" by my guys -- Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (here's a 2000 version). It was part of a five-song performance by Bruce and the band, filmed in Asbury Park last week. You can check it out until Jan. 1 at Anyway, it put me in a little more of a Christmas mood, which is nice. Actually, it's really nice!

So, with a hearty "Ho, ho, ho," let's take the plunge into today's mailbag to see what teams and players you think have been naughty and nice.

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What's wrong with my beloved Caps? And, do you think we have to make a coaching change? -- Amy, Virginia

Actually, Amy, Hockey Prospectus wrote an article about just this topic yesterday. Check it out.