Team Eric Staal lost, but hockey won 

January, 31, 2011

The All-Star format might've changed, but the wild score-a-thon was the same as it ever was. The Lidstroms and the Staals combined for 21 goals, including eight in the first period and eight more in the final stanza. The goal total tied for fourth-most in All-Star Game history.

Today's edition of the Monday 10 will focus around some quick thoughts from the All-Star Weekend.

1. If the league is going to continue with this format -- and I see no reason why they won't -- they'd be wise to insist that one of the captains come from the host city. It creates a "home team." In past All-Star Games, the fans in the building often didn't know who to root for. There were long stretches in which the crowd was quiet. That's wasn't the case on Sunday. Next year, however, with the midseason classic scheduled for Ottawa, it might be tough to find a good candidate from the Sens, who'll likely be in rebuilding mode. Luckily, we don't have to worry about that decision for a while. Maybe someone will surprise us.