Marian Gaborik will be MVP

The sports medicine field has finally figured out Marian Gaborik injury woes. Mitchell Layton/NHLI via Getty Images

Marian Gaborik has a reputation for being the most fragile man in the National Hockey League. Case in point: over the past four seasons, the dynamic-when-available winger has played in a mere 63 percent of his team's games when not missing time with chronic groin and hip ailments.

The injuries, combined by an irreparable breach between Gaborik and the Wild's previous management, led to his departure from Minnesota this summer. Seizing on the opportunity, Glen Sather and the New York Rangers plunked down $37.5 million on No. 10 and let it ride. Good bet -- there's ample reason to believe that his problems are finally fixed. So the hockey world had better get ready for the new and improved Marian Gaborik, the man who will be the Most Valuable Player in the NHL this season.