Corey Perry's Olympic experience

Scott Niedermayer asked me to get the flag, so I couldn't refuse the captain. Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Golden memories

Monday, March 1, 5:32 p.m. PST

By now I'm sure everyone's heard about the game, but I wanted to wrap my Olympic blog by saying thank you to everyone out there for supporting me. Thanks to all the readers that have taken this journey with me through the Games. It was a great experience. Hopefully there's much more to come.

Now for my take on the gold-medal game.

When we arrived at Canada Hockey Place for the game, it was pretty loose in the locker room. Everyone was just excited to be part of it. We really tried to just take it all in. We were ready to play. We went out there and I think we showed that.

I was lucky enough to score Canada's second goal. It was awesome. Whenever you can chip in, it's a great feeling. It was a great bounce and it sat there in the slot for a minute ... so I had to bury it! Those are opportunities that you don't get too often. It was nice to make that contribution.

The USA came on pretty strong in the final minutes of the game. It felt like forever out there. I kept looking up at the clock: first it said four minutes left. Then I looked up again when there were three minutes. It took forever! It was panic out there. We were on our heels and they were coming at us. They got their goal, which is obviously what they wanted. It was a great play. We never backed down though. We knew we were going to continue to fight though and get that extra goal.

During the intermission between the third and OT, the locker room was pretty quiet. We knew what was at stake. We knew that the next shot, the next goal wins. We wanted to be that team. We wanted to listen to our national anthem at the end of the game. We got the job done and that's what we set out to do.

After the game was just mayhem. You play in so many big games and something like this doesn't come around too often. You only get that chance once every four years. The Olympic tournament is probably one of the hardest to win. It's so short-term and it's do-or-die every night. At the end of the tournament, when you can listen to your national anthem and sing it ... you're gold medalists, it's what we set out to do and it's really an indescribable feeling. Celebrating with all those guys we won the Cup with in 2007 [Scott Niedermayer, Ryan Getzlaf and former teammate Chris Pronger] was a great feeling. It was special to be celebrating out on the ice with them again. Hopefully there's more to come.

I was lucky enough to be the first to wave the Canadian flag on the ice. I was standing next to Scotty (Niedermayer) after we received our medals and he said, "Somebody's got to go get that flag from the fan." I said, "Ok, I'll go get it." I went over and I grabbed it. I just skated around for a little bit. It's a great feeling when you can wave your flag at the end of a game after a victory.

After we left the ice, we all just sat in the locker room for a little while. I didn't move for quite some time! I was probably in my equipment for an hour to an hour and a half after the game. We were just sitting there with all the guys and taking everything in. It was just time to relax and reflect on what we had just accomplished. After that, we went over to the Hockey Canada House where all of our families and friends were.

It was an incredible experience and thanks for letting me share it with you. Now back to Ducks hockey!

Night before USA Game

Saturday, Feb. 27, 5:41 p.m. PST

Hi everyone! I just wanted to say thank you for reading about my journey through the Olympics. It's been a fun experience for me and hopefully I've given you some insight on what's happened around the Village and around the Olympic Games.

First of all, what a game yesterday. Slovakia came out really strong and didn't quit. They had some life when they got that first goal and it continued. It was stressful and everyone was on the edge of their seats. When the puck's bouncing in the last few minutes, anything can happen. Luongo made some big saves and we escaped with a win.

Like I said in my last blog, our line is really coming together (me, Getzlaf and Morrow). All three of us have played in big games and we know what it takes to win. Tomorrow, we need to go out there and score like we have in the last couple of games. When it's all clicking, it makes the game that much more fun.