Poll: Who is the best fighter?

Derek Boogaard of the Wild is 6'8" and 257 pounds and has scored two goals in the past five seasons. But he's mustered 500-plus penalty minutes over that span -- and now he has 46 percent of our premier-pugilist vote. "There are a lot of tough guys, but Boogaard is the last one I want to mess with," says one Western defenseman. The No. 2 recipient, though, doesn't quite fit the profile. Rick Rypien (20 percent) goes 5'11", 190, is the cousin of former NFL QB Mark and once took a leave of absence because he was struggling mentally with the strain of fighting through injuries. Apparently, fighting other guys is less of a problem. "He has boxing skills, quick hands and protects himself well," says a former first-round draft pick. "Pound-for-pound, he's toughest in the NHL."