The Blackhawks have the best goalie tandem in the NHL

Bill Smith/NHLI/Getty Images

It's been decades since NHL teams relied solely on one goaltender -- unless your team is from our nation's capital -- and the value of having two solid goaltenders is often understated. In some cases, teams have gone to straight timeshare goaltending situations, as seen in Ottawa and Dallas. To fully understand a team's goaltending situation, you must factor in both guys.

To put some form of rankings to each goalie duo, I weighted each goaltender's even strength adjusted save percentage -- a War-On-Ice statistic that corrects a netminder's save percentage for league averages in shot quality and excludes special teams play that can easily skew the numbers -- over the last three seasons. The most current season of play holds the most weight.

Scaling the two goaltenders' weighted even strength adjusted save percentage to their projected games started for the upcoming season (using ESPN's projected numbers as a guide) determined an adjusted save percentage for each team's duo. While there are a few rankings that don't completely do a team justice, they are a fairly accurate rating of each NHL franchise's goaltending tandem.