Ranking every starting goaltender by tiers

Carey Price remains on a tier all his own among NHL goaltenders, while Henrik Lundqvist's stock has begun to slide. Getty Images

There are more quality goalies in the NHL right now than at any point in league history. It makes it harder than ever to stand out.

That's what makes Carey Price so special. In a league of good goalies, he's truly great. After asking a group of 10 executives and coaches to rate all 30 NHL starting goalies on a scale of one to five for our annual Goalie Tiers project, it was clear just how much Price has elevated himself above the rest of the pack.

"It seems like his game has elevated and the guys he's competing with at the top have dropped," one NHL coach said. "He's on another planet. Not even another level."

In three years of compiling these goalie tiers, with one being the highest rating and five the lowest, Price has earned a one rating on 37 of 38 ballots. He earned a two on the other ballot. Nobody else is even close.

Here's a look at the results of all 30 starting goalies heading into 2016-17: