Top college free agents and where they fit in the NHL

Daniel Brickley's size and offensive ability from the blue line make him the top college free agent this season. Courtesy of Minnesota State Athletic Department

Just because the NHL trade deadline has passed doesn't mean general managers across the league are sitting on their hands. In fact, many of them will be putting in some extra hours on the recruitment trail.

Now the focus turns to undrafted free agents, particularly from the major junior and college ranks. A few major junior UFAs have already signed, most notably Alex Barre-Boulet (Tampa Bay Lightning) and Brayden Burke (Arizona Coyotes). However, there are often more players signed out of the NCAA ranks this time of year, as they're often older and slightly easier to project within a team's system. There are a few above average prospects who will get a ton of attention from a lot of NHL teams, along with probably a few dozen players teams will give strong consideration to signing.