Conn Smythe Watch: The showdown

Toews has a formidable challenge upcoming in Michael Leighton. Getty Images

The Puck Prospectus metric GVT (goals versus threshold) allows us to compare players at every position to determine who the true leaders are.

In the playoffs, Puck Prospectus uses GVT to measure the leaders in the Conn Smythe race for postseason MVP.

This is the fourth update. In the early going, as a hockey fan would likely expect, Jaroslav Halak of the Montreal Canadiens was No. 1. Last week, for the first time, he was ousted by a 1-2 punch of Jonathan Toews and Michael Leighton, of the Chicago Blackhawks and Philadelphia Flyers, respectively. You can check that in a new window right here.

On Saturday night, the showdown begins between these two. Will one of them capture the Conn Smythe (and Lord Stanley in the process)? Or will a third party from these two squads step up?

This time out, the entire list below is either Flyers or Blackhawks.