Trade deadline buyers and sellers

Would the New York Rangers consider dealing captain Ryan Callahan at the NHL trade deadline? Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

With the extinguishing of the Olympic flame in Sochi on Sunday, attention in the hockey world focused almost immediately on the impending NHL trade deadline, which is only eight days away.

The chatter started as the final notes of "O Canada" were being sung in the Bolshoy Ice Dome and will likely continue to build to a level similar to that depicted by the cymbal banging monkeys of Cadillac commercial fame.

Prior to the start of the Olympics, I did a piece on potential trade deadline buyers and sellers. Since that time, the already tight NHL playoff race has only constricted further, as there are currently only five teams in the entire NHL that are more than four points out of a wild-card playoff spot.

The tightness of this (new) NHL wild-card race, coupled with both the lack of cap space this season and the expectation of increased room in the future, may provide an environment that yields a trade deadline hybrid -- teams that are both buyers and sellers.

Here are four teams that could fall into that category, and where some of Craig Custance's top 25 trade targets could fit into the mix.