Grading teams by WJC prospects

Team Canada won gold in the WJC, but which NHL team's prospects were the most impressive? Dennis Pajot/Getty Images

Team Canada upended Team Russia in the gold medal game of the 2015 IIHF World Junior Championship on Monday night, and was well-represented in the All-Star team voting, with four of the six slots going to Canadians (Slovakian goalie Denis Godla and Swedish defenseman Gustav Forsling being the others).

While it was a thrilling victory for the host nation, it's time to focus on how the prospects from each NHL team played in the event.

The following notes are based primarily on my viewings of the tournament games. I have seen each under-20 team live throughout the season at summer camps and other events as well, so I use those viewings and discussions with scouts to supplement what I saw at the tournament.

Team grades are based on total output, not average, so a team with one player who was very good will be slotted below a team with three players who played well; also note that players who did not get into a game -- like a third goaltender -- are not included here. Team grades are not based on the pure scouting assessment of a player in his NHL potential, or the total organizational strength of a system. Note that we'll have an updated ranking of the top NHL prospects next week (which will take all of that into account).