Trade deadline fixes: Pacific

Jeff Carter could be a nice addition to the Stars' roster. Debora Robinson/Getty Images

Hockey Prospectus is taking a look at the NHL division by division and suggesting ways each team should tackle the forthcoming trade deadline. On Monday, we looked at the Atlantic Division. On Tuesday, we addressed the Northeast Division and on Wednesday we examined the Southeast. On Thursday it was the Central Division. On Friday we headed up to the Northwest, and today we're taking a look at the Pacific.

Feb. 27 marks the NHL's trade deadline, and every team in the league -- both the playoff-bound and those likely for the draft lottery -- has needs to address. To prepare for the final flurry of transactions, we're going team-by-team to see which players could help fill some holes on contenders or provide some foundational stability for teams building for next season and beyond.

One statistic you'll come across in the analysis below is GVT, the main player-valuation metric used by Hockey Prospectus. For a detailed explanation of GVT, click here. All numbers here are accurate as of the morning of Feb. 17.

Anaheim Ducks

The problem: A horrendous start to the season (only 24 points through Christmas -- 29th in the NHL) put the Ducks in a hole that may prove impossible to dig out of, 27 points in their last 20 games notwithstanding. Still, sitting eight points out of the playoff picture with only 25 games to go strongly suggests that the Ducks' 2011-12 is a washout. With a strong core (Getzlaf, Perry, Ryan, Hiller) all locked up at least through next season, the Ducks would be advised to move players who do not project to be a part of their next winning team for a young, but ready future contributor.