Playoff Power Meter: Odd Blues

Goalie Jaroslav Halak has been strong in net for the NHL's top team. Jason O. Watson/US Presswire

The St. Louis Blues have established themselves as arguably the best team in the NHL. But, as we've learned from previous years, regular-season performance is not the best way to gauge who will win the Stanley Cup.

So that's we why designed the Playoff Power Meter. We wanted to find regular-season metrics that best correlated with championships and use those findings to figure out who will most likely win the Cup. Some metrics, like power-play opportunities, are bad indicators of a Cup-winning team -- so they were given very little weight. Others, like wins against elite NHL teams, correlate highly with championships -- so they were given a lot of weight.

When we ran the numbers for the Blues, they ended up ninth in the rankings. That's right -- the Power Meter says there are eight teams more likely to win the Cup.

It doesn't pass the eye test. So let's look deeper.