NHL Player Power Rankings

Phil Kessel has already scored nine goals, but where does he land in the player power rankings? Graig Abel/Getty Images

Editor's note: These rankings are based on player production in terms of Hockey Prospectus' GVT valuation metric. If you are unfamiliar with GVT and how it works, you can find more here.

Every month through December, and weekly starting in January, Hockey Prospectus will provide updated Player Power Rankings for the top 10 skaters and top five goalies in the NHL based on HP's proprietary value metric GVT, a statistic that combines player contributions in all aspects of the game, including defense, goaltending and the shootout.

Our first offering of the season ranked NHL skaters and goalies by VUKOTA -- the seasonal projection for GVT -- and now we have a few weeks of data that have resulted in some early surprises. Then again, the players in the top spots on both lists aren't too much of a shock. The data presented here includes a value for offensive GVT, defensive GVT, shootout GVT and overall GVT.

Top 10 skaters

1. Steven Stamkos, F, Tampa Bay Lightning
Off GVT: 5.1 Def GVT: 1.3 Shootout GVT: 0.5 Total GVT: 7.0

The season is barely a month old and Stamkos has already reclaimed his usual place close to the top of the NHL scoring list: second in goals, with 11, and second in points, with 20. For once, the Lightning aren't a defensive mess, so we might see Stamkos weave his magic in April and May.