Early-season goalie trade targets

Buffalo goalie Ryan Miller could be a strong option to help solidify St. Louis' goaltending. Bill Wippert/NHLI/Getty Images

Goaltending is normally the least volatile, least injury-prone position. But early in the 2013-14 NHL season, unexpected poor performances and injuries have caused several high-profile teams to be on the hunt for help in net.

At this point, nearly every team still believes it's a contender, and it's too soon for most teams to be in sell mode. However, there are viable options for teams in need, some of which could make the difference between making the postseason and playing golf in April.

Note: We make reference to even-strength save percentage (ESSV%) in regard to each of the following options. It's simply the goaltender's save percentage during the time that his team is playing 5-on-5.

St. Louis Blues

Problem: The inconsistency of Brian Elliott, Jaroslav Halak
Solution: Trade for Buffalo goalie Ryan Miller (three-season ESSV%: .925; VUKOTA projection: 9.0 GVT)

It's been a common refrain that Miller isn't as good these days as he was during his 2009-10 Vezina Trophy-winning season. The reality is that the Sabres' star netminder isn't all that different today than he was then; he was simply a little luckier in 2009-10 than the rest of his career.