Player Ranks: The Senators' turn

Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson has 17 points in his last seven games. Andre Ringuette/Getty Images

Editor's note: These rankings are based on player production in terms of Hockey Prospectus' GVT valuation metric. If you are unfamiliar with GVT and how it works, you can find more here.

Every Monday until the end of the season, Prospectus will provide updated Player Power Rankings for the top 10 skaters and top five goalies in the NHL based on HP's proprietary value metric, GVT, which includes offensive, defensive and shootout components.

This week, the Ottawa Senators get their turn in the spotlight, with two skaters making the top five. Henrik Lundqvist retains his spot as the top goalie, while Nashville's Pekka Rinne makes an appearance at No. 4.