Brisbane Broncos board backs coach Anthony Seibold

Despite losing six straight games, Brisbane Broncos coach Anthony Seibold's position is officially safe for now. The Broncos called a special media conference on Sunday where boss Paul White spoke of the club's issues and the board's support for the embattled coach.

"Today is about reaffirming my support for the coach," White told a media conference.

"We will keep providing the necessary support but we are acutely aware of the position we are in. We know we are up against it.

"I want to reinforce our support for the coach, the coaching staff and the playing group.

"We are six weeks in to the restart of the game. I know we have lost six games but we started the season with two wins."

Pressure on Seibold has risen in recent week as the Broncos lost games to the struggling Titans and Warriors. Several players were clearly distraught after the loss to the Warriors, some of them in tears. Captain Alex Glenn was particularly upset.

"I just got overwhelmed out there. Sometimes we cry, we get upset. It's just been a couple of tough weeks," Glenn explained in a post-match interview.

"It just hurts because I know the effort that we're putting into training every week. It's just little areas in our game, we're lacking discipline. I just care for this club, care for this team so much.

"The emotions come out unfortunately but I ain't shying away from it. Sometimes you shed tears.

"Since being here over 12 years, this is probably one of the toughest periods I've been through.

"It's frustrating but we're shooting our own foot. I'd rather be the captain going through this, testing myself out. Because once we turn this around, it's going to be a hell of a story."

Seibold said after the game that the emotion stemmed from all the hard work the team had put in and the frustration of not being able to find the answers.

"We've obviously been heavily criticised and in some cases rightly so for not winning some footy games," Seibold said.

"It means a lot to the group, we invest a lot of time in. We're just not doing our job at the moment. The pain that you saw on the guys' faces, that's how we're all feeling.

"We don't like getting kicked in the guts and I suppose until we start winning some games we're going to be."

The Broncos face the last-placed Bulldogs next weekend, with many speculating that a further loss will make Seibold's position untenable.