20 famous Tour de France moments

Lance Armstrong has produced a fair share of these moments. Getty Images

Unless you live in the Pyrenees, chances are the Tour de France isn't a big "go to the bar with your friends" event for you. (If it is, though, more power to you.) But as the stages unfold, odds are it will gradually become a bigger part of your everyday conversations. If you know absolutely nothing about cycling -- for shame -- we suggest consulting the goods below. It is a collection of 20 famous Tour de France moments done under the umbrella of "Clip Reel," a concept that lived at ESPNTheMag.Com prior to its super-content merger with ESPN Insider. Enjoy.

(1) Everyone knows that even though it's awkward to laugh, people falling down is funny. So, we'll open with the Top 10 Tour de France wipeouts of all-time.

(2) This is probably the best list of famed Tour moments for non-cycling fans.

(3) The slug of this clip is "Best Tour de France footage ever filmed?" and while that might be up for debate, it's certainly in the discussion. It's 3.17 seconds of quality cinematic video.

(4) Greg LeMond vs. Laurent Fignon in 1989 was epic. Check out how fast LeMond is riding his bike.

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