ESPN The Magazine: Pain Train to Paris

It would have been so much easier to stay. Yes, Floyd Landis could have lived a nice life out here among the rolling hills and helpful neighbors of Pennsylvania Dutch country. He could have conformed to the Mennonite ethic and lived a simple, rich life of family and faith: Work hard, live right, slide into middle age with a half-dozen kids and a clear conscience. There are worse ways to live.

Very few choose otherwise. In this world, leaving is discouraged and obedience prized, so that explains that. The 141 white pages listings for "Landis" in and around Ephrata attest to the stability of the culture. They stay and live the religious life -- Amish or Mennonite or any number of subsets of both -- with varying degrees of passion. Like Landis' brother and four sisters, they stay, they conform, they witness.