A clash between speed and size

Sunday will pit Team USA's speed against Spain's size, like how the Heat might attack the Lakers. Kyle Terada/US Presswire

Finally, the matchup we've been waiting for will take place on Sunday for the Olympic gold medal: Team USA versus Spain. Even before these two teams punched their ticket to the championship game, this matchup was already being framed as a fascinating battle between two differing brands of basketball:

Speed versus size.

Funny, because in light of the Dwight Howard deal that went down on Friday, that's also how we're already framing the 2012-13 NBA Finals.

Speed versus size.

No, Team USA isn't a carbon copy of the Miami Heat, and Spain isn't a mirror image of the Los Angeles Lakers. But with the way these two teams match up on paper, there's a chance it foreshadows a clash of styles we might see in the NBA next season. Can Team USA's speed, floor spacing and versatility overcome Spain's trees in Serge Ibaka and the Gasol brothers?