Team USA's Connor Fields out of critical care unit after BMX racing crash at Summer Olympics

BMX racer Connor Fields of the United States is out of the critical care unit following a scary crash in the third semifinal heat at the Tokyo Olympics on Friday.

According to a statement Saturday from USA Cycling, Fields sustained a brain hemorrhage but after a night in the ICU doctors said there has been no additional bleeding and no new injuries were found.

Fields was fourth after his opening two heats and landed hard off a jump heading into the first turn in the third run. The 28-year-old from Las Vegas slammed into the turn and was hit by two other riders. Medical personnel rushed out to attend to Fields, who lay on the track for several minutes before being carried to an ambulance.

Fields qualified for the finals based on his first two heats but wasn't able to ride. Niek Kimmann of the Netherlands ended up winning gold.

Fields became the first American BMX rider to win gold at the 2016 Rio Games and was a favorite to win it again in Tokyo. He also was involved in a scary crash in 2018 that nearly ended his career.

He will remain in the hospital until cleared.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.