Olympic Player Power Rankings

With four goals in three games, Phil Kessel has been the scoring leader for Team USA. Martin Rose/Getty Images

Editor's note: These rankings are based on player production in terms of a modified version of Hockey Prospectus' goals versus threshold (GVT) valuation metric. If you are unfamiliar with GVT and how it works, you can find more here.

During the 2013-14 NHL season, Hockey Prospectus has provided updated Player Power Rankings for the top 10 skaters and top five goalies in the league based on HP's proprietary value metric GVT, a statistic that combines player contributions in all aspects of the game, including defense, goaltending and the shootout. With the Olympics underway, we took the opportunity to produce a similar ranking for the top 10 skaters and top five goalies playing in Sochi; these rankings represent play through the end of the preliminary round of competition.

With four goals in three games, Team USA's Phil Kessel sits atop the leaderboard for skaters, while three Canadians are close behind:

Top 10 skaters

1. Phil Kessel, F, USA
Off GVT: 2.4 | Def GVT: 0.1 | Total GVT: 2.5

Kessel is the tournament's leading scorer overall with seven points, including a hat trick against Slovenia, and thanks to him, the USA has the tournament's best offense (tied with Finland) with 15 goals.