Required Reading

My friend Bill Baab recently finished writing a book that was a labor of love to him and that will fill a major hole in the world of bass fishing literature. It's titled Remembering George Perry, and it's the first book about the man who caught the world record largemouth bass back in 1932.

Now, if you think I'm a geek about bass fishing statistics and tournament results, you definitely don't want to get me started on the world records. You can rate my passion for tournament statistics at about a 7. My interest in the world record bass — largemouth and smallmouth in particular — is a 10 ... maybe a 12.

That's why I was so excited when Bill told me that he was writing a book on Perry and the record catch. No one on the planet knows more about the subject than Bill (though I aspire to catch up one of these days), and no one has the relationship with Perry's family and friends to accomplish such a task.