Classic performers

Happy New Year! Last time, as you may recall, I offered a little teaser about which angler has the best record in the Bassmaster Classic.

I finally ran the numbers on this. It was tedious and time consuming, but that's what being the Bass Geek is all about, right? But rather than run the numbers on every angler who has ever fished the Classic (that's 505 anglers, by the way), I decided to focus on the anglers who have fished at least 10 championships. That cut the list down to 40 guys and made my job much easier.

Then, of course, I had to decide how to figure this out. After all, there are several ways to assess who's got the best record in the Classic. I mean, if you go by wins, Rick Clunn is the king with four. No one else has more than half as many. And wins are certainly important in assessing Classic performance. This is a tournament where most of the field agrees that there simply is no second place.