Classic performers, part 2

George Carlin once said that with every silver lining there's a big, black cloud. He was right, of course. And this week I'm going to rain a little bit on some Bassmaster Classic anglers.

Last week I covered the 10 anglers who had the best track record in the Classic. I only considered the guys who have fished 10 or more, but it was still a pretty big group — 40 anglers in all — and I think it definitely told us who was able to best rise to the occasion for the biggest tournament in our sport. If you haven't read it (What are you thinking, by the way?), Guido Hibdon was the top dog on that list.

This week I'm going to cover the guys who have just absolutely sucked in the Classic, the guys who could see the Classic coming and just about knew in their heart of hearts that they weren't going to get it done. There'd be no new hardware on their mantle.