Postseason shake-up

Welcome to the BASS postseason, where the hunted become the hunters, the hunters become the hunted and almost anyone can walk away with the most prestigious prize in bass fishing — the Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year award.

I've been in Montgomery (a Latin name meaning "few cars, but lots of traffic") for about a week now, and one word (plus an exclamation point) can sum up my trip thus far: Hot!

Not "hot" as in a supermodel or even hot as in "on a roll," but just good old traditional "fry an egg on your forehead" hot that starts to mess with you after you've been out in it for a while. If you envy bass pros for their lifestyles, this is one of those weeks that should have you reconsidering the whole thing and making you grateful for your current job, whatever it might be (as long as you can do it in air conditioning).