Let's talk big bass

When you think about big bass, you probably think about George Perry, Manabu Kurita and Mike Long. Those are the guys who come to mind for me ... at least most of the time.

Of course, there are other big bass chasers out there, even on the tournament scene. Some guys just seem to catch more than their share of tournament lunkers, especially on the local level. I know from my tournament days back in Georgia that there were a couple of guys you could count on to catch a big one on certain lakes. They were just dialed in to what the big ones were doing.

At the Elite Series level, being a big bass specialist has a little less meaning. Elite anglers need five bass every day if they're going to prosper, and those five need to be healthy adults. If they're not, the angler isn't going to be cashing many checks or hoisting many trophies.