Outtakes with Brad Keselowski

This article appears in the June 28 issue of ESPN The Magazine.

KM: I told a friend I was interviewing you, and he said, "That the guy who gets in fights?"
BK: Somebody once asked if I had a nickname. I think "that guy" would work. Everybody says, "Don't be that guy." But you tell me. You're the press. I am whoever you say I am.

KM: How's your relationship with other drivers? Are you generally well received by them?
BK: Not at all. I don't feel like I'm walking the green mile, but I know they think, Man, I've got to race that guy? I ensure that if they're going to beat me, it won't be fun.
KM: What happened during your upbringing to make you "that guy"?
BK: Damn, that's an introspective question. Some of it is genetics. My mom and dad both have a bit of that in them. Dad can be a fighter if he's been done wrong. But, really, it was that the more success I had, the more I stood up for myself. It cemented the trait.