7James Haskell, FL
9Ben Youngs, SH
1Matt Mullan, P
3Dan Cole, P
2Dylan Hartley, H
5Courtney Lawes, L
4Joe Launchbury, L
8Jack Clifford, C
6Teimana Harrison, FL
15Mike Brown, FB
14Anthony Watson, W
13Jonathan Joseph, C
12Luther Burrell, C
11Marland Yarde, W
10George Ford, FH
16Tommy Taylor, W
17Ellis Genge, P
18Paul Hill, H
19Dave Attwood, C
20Matt Kvesic, FH
21Danny Care, L
22Ollie Devoto, C
23Elliot Daly, FH

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Twickenham Stadium
3:00 PM, May 29, 2016
Attendance: 81,128

Match Commentary

81'27-13 End of second half
80'England lineout manages to see the game out and it's all over at Twickenham! Great game. England come away with the 27-13 win, with five tries.
77'England looking to pounce again and they're very close to another try. Daly's pace proving a problem, but the Welsh backs just about pin him to deck. We have scrum in Wales 22 now...
77'Player substituted - Dylan Hartley , England
77'Substitute on - Tommy Taylor , England
76'Player substituted - George Ford , England
76'Substitute on - Ollie Devoto , England
75'Man of the match today: Launchbury with 13 carries and 10 tackles.
75'Wales still battling away despite the heavy scoreline and Williams has kicked into the corner for North to chase. He's quick, but not that quick. Brown's protected that for Jones' side and England have the lineout.
73'Missed by Ford, his sixth one of the day. An absolute horror day and he'll be grateful for it to be over.
72'And from his work, they've managed to turn that defensive lineout into an offensive opportunity. Penalty for England.
71'Launchbury stealing another Welsh lineout. He's been outstanding today.
70'North again trying to get that power going and running with the ball in-hand, but he just can't seem to get any luck. Tackled and Wales are looking elsewhere for an offensive route.
69'The game's turning into a bit of a stalemate at the minute with either side struggling to string any sort of imposing attacking move together. Both sides are tiring.
69'Substitute on - Paul Hill , England
69'Player substituted - Dan Cole , England
68'George North makes a rare appearance with the ball in hand, but not a lot to report on. He's quickly tackled and brought down.
66'Driving maul isn't too successful and is brought down. However, the referee's seen something in there and has awarded them another penalty. Lineout again.
66'Substitute on - Elliot Daly , England
66'Player substituted - Jonathan Joseph , England
66'Player substituted - Matt Mullan , England
66'Substitute on - Ellis Genge , England
66'Substitute on - Lloyd Williams , Wales
66'Player substituted - Rhys Webb , Wales
65'Wales haven't given up just yet and they're still bringing the game to Jones' side. They've managed to claim a kickable penalty, but quite rightly they've gone for the corner.
64'Simple from England. Youngs collects from the rear of the scrum, passes to Ford to kicks long. Easy stuff.
63'England scrum in their own half.
63'Player substituted - Samson Lee , Wales
63'Substitute on - Rhodri Jones , Wales
63'Player substituted - James Haskell , England
63'Substitute on - Matt Kvesic , England
63'Substitute on - Dave Attwood , England
63'Player substituted - Courtney Lawes , England
61'27-13 Try - Marland Yarde , England
60'And it doesn't even matter! Lawes shuts down Williams' initial clearance kick and it bounces it's way in the hands of Danny Care again. The replacement scrum-half offloads further down the line to Ford who's on his right, who then finds Launchbury, who finds Yarde on the right wing. Great stuff. Ford has missed another conversion chance. His kicking has been atrocious today.
59'Care, Joseph and Watson combine well down the left flank but they're just feets away from their fifth try of the match!
58'Monster shove from England in the scrum and they've earnt the penalty. Good footwork from Clifford on the deck to ensure the ball didn't pop out from the fast-moving English pack.
58'Substitute on - Josh Turnbull , Wales
58'Player substituted - Alun Wyn Jones , Wales
57'Referee: "Wales No.17 brought to ground by England No.7 -- we have a scrum."
56'Care's coming on for Youngs -- he's had a good game. Dacey on for Baldwin, too.
56'But, we've got a Wales penalty in their own half. Sigh of relief for them.
56'Substitute on - Kristian Dacey , Wales
56'Player substituted - Scott Baldwin , Wales
56'Player substituted - Ben Youngs , England
56'Substitute on - Danny Care , England
56'Substitute on - Gareth Anscombe , Wales
56'Player substituted - Scott Williams , Wales
56'Player substituted - Dan Biggar , Wales
56'Substitute on - Rhys Priestland , Wales
56'Substitute on - Gethin Jenkins , Wales
56'Player substituted - Rob Evans , Wales
55'England in control of game still with Joseph looking to make a break through the Wales line. Jones' side are playing with real confidence at the moment, wouldn't be too surprised if we saw more England points sooner rather than later.
53'Best piece of play we've seen from England behind the scrum there. Great play from Yarde putting it into space and England have managed to push Wales back.
50'Wales are all fired up and already looking to hit back. They've progressed into England's half, but not much further as we watch for both sides prep the scrum.
48'22-13 Conversion - George Ford , England
47'20-13 Try - Jack Clifford , England
46'And another for England five points thanks to Jack Clifford! His first international try.

Poor pass from Biggar which is fumbled by Wales in the centre of the pitch. Clifford picks up the ball from the deck and displays electrifying pace to sprint to the line. Ford gets his first succesfull kick of the game, too.

Biggar is furious, he thinks Dan Cole's knocked the ball on before Clifford collected it off the deck.
44'Great try by Ben Youngs. Wales are caught sleeping as England's lineout is simple but effective, but it's the scrum-half who adds the decoration to the move as he drives past five Welsh bodies before touching down.
44'15-13 Try - Ben Youngs , England
43'Great tackle from Lawes on the sprinting Roberts just then. Lawes in making his stamp on this game in the absence of Kruis and Itoje, putting in a real shift.
42'We're back underway and England are the side on the front foot. Ford's trying to work a bit of space -- and finds Yarde on the right flank -- but he's quickly pinned to the deck. We're up the the 11th phase for Jones' side though...
41'Joseph's pass to Watson on the left flank is a shocker and Wales halt the imposing England attack... and it's HALF TIME! ENGLAND 10 - WALES 13.
41'10-13 End of first half
40'Driving maul from Wales doesn't work too well as Harrison rips the ball away. England are moving the ball along their line and looking to pounce on Wales' error.
40'10-13 Start of second half
39'Wales lineout in the England 22...
37'Joseph penalised for obstruction and Wales have another penalty, which is kicked for the corner but it's remained in play. Brown collects and kicks long, too.
36'Jones' side are carrying well, but they can't create much from the lineout. Wales win the ball back and kick long to release the mounting pressure.
35'Dan Cole slides in and forces Williams into touch. England have the lineout just inside Wales' 22.
Ford misses another kick. Shocker.
33'10-13 Try - Anthony Watson , England
TRY for ENGLAND! Watson scores!

He just can't stop scoring for England!

Watson down the left flank sprints with electric pace to slam down the five points. Impressive finish, good awareness from the winger.
30'Wales No.9 penalised for a high arm on the jumping ninja-like tackle. Penalty to England, and they're shooting it to the corner. No complaints about that decision from the referee!
29'England up to phase 10, just outside the 22 of Wales...
28'England's forwards doing their best to barge their way into Welsh territory -- and they're making steady progress. Launchbury and Lawes carrying the ball into battle with brute force.
28'5-13 Penalty goal - Dan Biggar , Wales
26'Gatland's side attacking again and earn themselves the kickable penalty.
24'Entertaining end-to-end stuff here at Twickenham.

Youngs looks to attack alone for England, kicking the ball twice along the deck, but it's collected by Wales instead and they launched the counter.

Jamie Roberts combines with Amos on the counter and it looks like they could be adding to the scoresheet as they break beyond the English line, but Watson to the rescue!
24'Player substituted - Dan Lydiate , Wales
24'Substitute on - James King , Wales
23'Lydiate off with injury, King on.
23'Biggar's on the deck. He needs some treatment.
21'Burrell on the charge again and Ford's joining in on the act as well with the ball in hand. England have all of sudden turned the initial Welsh momentum on it's head. England 5 - 10 Wales.
TRY for ENGLAND! Burrell scores!
It's his fourth career try and first England try of 2016. Driving maul works well and the pass from Youngs is directed with pace into the grasp of Burrell who darts forward 5-10m and leaps down with the ball.
Ford has missed another conversion kick...
20'5-10 Try - Luther Burrell , England
19'They've punted it to the corner for the lineout and are trying a good old fashioned driving maul. Try looming?
18'England have built it to phase nine and England are stressing the Welsh defence. They've won the penalty again as Wales are penalised for coming in at the side.
Ford fails to kick the three points -- Wales 10-0 England
15'It's a bit of a kicking and aerial battle at the moment. England have won their first penalty of the game as Wales are penalised for kicking off their feet.
14'Wales still winning 10-0.
14'Gatland's side are winning the gainline battle here. Rhys Webb playing well, and Jamie Roberts is picking some nice angles, too.
14'0-10 Penalty goal - Dan Biggar , Wales
Another penalty opportunity and this time they've taken the points...
13'Well, Wales are really looking to make a statement early on as they've kicked that for the lineout in the corner. England struggling to grab hold here.
12'And Wales have won the penalty as England are penalised for hands in the ruck. Kicking chance for Biggar.
11'Wales are bashing their way through England with relative ease, and have the lion's share of possession.
Biggar adds the extra two -- 7-0!
7'0-7 Conversion - Dan Biggar , Wales
TRY for WALES! Rob Evans!
First score for Wales. The lineout was super slick from Wales, and Faletau's initial ball carry opened the path further down the line for Gatland's side to notch the first five. A lot of work was still required to secure the try, but defensively, England didn't put up much of a fight and Matt Evans secures the first try of the game! 5-0 Wales, kick to come.
6'0-5 Try - Rob Evans , Wales
5'Penalty award as England are penalised for offside. Kicked for the lineout by Biggar.
4'Wales have bumped it up for phase eight here, but they're still not out of their half.
3'The first scrum of the game -- just outside Wales' 22 -- and England's pack have pushed well, but Ben Youngs has fumbled the ball and gifted back the possession to Gatland's side.
2'Equally imposing start from Jonathan Joseph as he drives bulldozer-like diagonally with the ball in-hand before opting to kick and chase. He -- nor a teammate -- can reach the bouncing ball, but the intent is there. Both sides seem up for it.
1'Dan Biggar -- who has some great memories already at Twickenham -- has kicked us off. Brief glimpse of George North's attacking presence down the right flank, but he's forced into touch.
1'Hello and welcome to 's live coverage of the Twickenham Test between England and Wales!

Follow our reporter, Tom Hamilton, who's at the ground and will be providing us with his first-hand in-sights.
1'0-0 Start of first half