15Maxime Médard, FB
14Damian Penaud, W
13Virimi Vakatawa, C
12Sofiane Guitoune, C
11Alivereti Raka, W
10Romain Ntamack, FH
9Baptiste Serin, SH
1Jefferson Poirot, P
2Camille Chat, H
3Rabah Slimani, P
4Paul Gabrillagues, L
5Sebastien Vahaamahina, L
6Wenceslas Lauret, FL
7Charles Ollivon, FL
8Gregory Alldritt, N8
16Guilhem Guirado, R
17Cyril Baille, R
18Emerick Setiano, R
19Bernard Le Roux, R
20Yacouba Camara, R
21Antoine Dupont, R
22Camille Lopez, R
23Pierre-Louis Barassi, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Egao Health (Umakana Yokana) Stadium
3:45 AM, October 6, 2019

Match Commentary

82'France survive and qualify for the knockout stages! They regained possession from the kick before booting it into touch after the siren. What an effort from Tonga. 23-21 to France.
81'23-21 End of second half
80'23-21 Conversion - Latiume Fosita , Tonga
79'Try, Tonga! A bust up the middle is followed by a few phases down the centre of the pitch before a kick goes out wide and Zane Kapeli crosses in the left corner. Latiume Fosita converts and it's 23-21 France. Nail biting stuff!
79'23-19 Try - Zane Kapeli , Tonga
75'Again the match moves into its back and forth phase in the middle of the pitch. Tonga will have to do some work to peg back from the French from here.
72'Player substituted - Sam Lousi , Tonga
72'Substitute on - Daniel Faleafa , Tonga
70'Player substituted - Daniel Faleafa , Tonga
70'Substitute on - Leva Fifita , Tonga
69'Try disallowed! Tonga kick out of pressure to a contest, which ends up in a fumbled ball. Damian Penaud is on the receiving end of a shortside play from the breakdown and crosses over in the right hand corner for France, but the TMO brings it back for a knock on from the kick that began the attacking play. Play on!
67'Another close call for France as Alivereti Raka comes up just short of another try. They spread it wide before Raka regathers his own kick just metres from Tonga's line. But he's caught for not releasing and Tonga relieve the pressure near their own line.
67'Substitute on - Pierre-Louis Barassi , France
67'Player substituted - Virimi Vakatawa , France
67'Substitute on - Camille Lopez , France
67'Player substituted - Romain Ntamack , France
67'Substitute on - Atieli Pakalani , Tonga
67'Player substituted - David Halaifonua , Tonga
67'Substitute on - Latiume Fosita , Tonga
67'Player substituted - James Faiva , Tonga
65'Substitute on - Vunipola Fifita , Tonga
65'Player substituted - Siegfried Fisi'ihoi , Tonga
64'The match seems to have settled into a rhythm of periods of attacking play, followed by a midfield struggle. The teams are handing possession back and forth with turnovers and kicking.
62'Player substituted - Sosefo Sakalia , Tonga
62'Substitute on - Paula Ngauamo , Tonga
62'Substitute on - Yacouba Camara , France
62'Player substituted - Gregory Alldritt , France
62'Substitute on - Nasi Manu , Tonga
62'Player substituted - Maama Vaipulu , Tonga
61'Substitute on - Daniel Faleafa , Tonga
61'Player substituted - Leva Fifita , Tonga
60'More points to France. Romain Ntamack converts a penalty after the referee blows in blue favour for taking the man out. 23-14 now to France.
60'Substitute on - Leon Fukofuka , Tonga
60'Player substituted - Sonatane Takulua , Tonga
60'Substitute on - Guilhem Guirado , France
60'Player substituted - Camille Chat , France
60'23-14 Penalty goal - Romain Ntamack , France
57'Substitute on - Sosefo Sakalia , Tonga
57'Player substituted - Paula Ngauamo , Tonga
56'Possession shifts back and forth within Tonga's half with neither team able to utilise it effectively. A little scrappy once again.
54'Substitute on - Antoine Dupont , France
54'Player substituted - Baptiste Serin , France
53'Player substituted - Sebastien Vahaamahina , France
53'Substitute on - Bernard Le Roux , France
53'Player substituted - Rabah Slimani , France
53'Substitute on - Emerick Setiano , France
53'Player substituted - Jefferson Poirot , France
53'Substitute on - Cyril Baille , France
52'France ease the pressure somewhat after a penalty for crossing. Romain Ntamack converts and it's now 20-14.
52'20-14 Penalty goal - Romain Ntamack , France
49'Incredible! Try, Tonga! Tonga earn a turnover in their own half before some quick passing down the right leads to a break. A kick over the top ends up bouncing cruelly for the French, Malietoa Hingano regathers possession and barges over for a Tonga try. Sonatane Takulua converts and it's 17-14 in France's favour.
49'17-14 Conversion - Sonatane Takulua , Tonga
47'17-12 Try - Malietoa Hingano , Tonga
45'What a start to the second half! Tonga go close to scoring, but two metres from the French line they get pinged for not releasing. France kick out of the immediate pressure and then play a short lineout that leads to a break down the shortside, which eventually sees Charles Ollivon cross the line. But then the TMO gets involved and it's called back for a France forward pass. Play on with no change to the scoreline! 17-7 to France.
41'Back out for the second half. Will France hold on? Or can Tonga cause another upset?
41'Try awarded to Tonga! Sonatane Takulua crashes over from close range, and after a TMO referral - the try was initially denied - Tonga have their first points. Takulua converts and it's 17-7 at the half.
41'Player substituted - Ma'afu Fia , Tonga
41'Substitute on - Siosiua Halanukonuka , Tonga
41'17-7 End of first half
41'17-7 Conversion - Sonatane Takulua , Tonga
40'17-7 Start of second half
40'17-5 Try - Sonatane Takulua , Tonga
35'Try to France! Alivereti Raka goes over after a lovely bit of play on a quick tap from Baptiste Serin as the two teams were readying to pack a scrum. Raka kicks through to himself down the left and Tonga's defence can't match his speed. Romain Ntamack converts and it's 17-0 to France.
34'17-0 Conversion - Romain Ntamack , France
32'15-0 Try - Alivereti Raka , France
30'France once again can't secure any points despite being in good attacking position, twice turning the ball over in Tonga's half. It's getting a little chippy out there and there's a bit of push and shove as the players look to ease the tension.
22'Back and forth here in Kumamoto. Tonga enter France's 22 but turn it over, before France try a counterattack down the left side that is ended with a tackle into touch. A lot of heavy tackling from both teams.
17'Another penalty for France. Les Blues earn a penalty deep in Tonga's half after what appears to be a shoulder charge of sorts into the ruck, but Romain Ntamack can't convert and it stays 10-0 to France.
14'There's some heavy hitting rugby being played in the middle of the park as both teams turn it over multiple times. Very much a game of territory at the moment after France's early try.
8'Brilliant from France! Virimi Vakatawa finishes off a flowing move that started with a loose Tonga lineout; France quickly moving it down the left side before Vakatawa puts the ball down under the posts. Romain Ntamack converts to give France a 10-0 lead.
7'10-0 Conversion - Romain Ntamack , France
6'8-0 Try - Virimi Vakatawa , France
4'First points to France! A penalty in front of the posts and Romain Ntamack slots it to give the French a 3-0 lead.
4'3-0 Penalty goal - Romain Ntamack , France
1'The national anthems are done, and the teams are just about ready to get this Pool C match underway. But first, Tonga's Sipi Tau.
1'France have made 11 changes to the team that defeated the USA in their most recent match at the Rugby World Cup. Tonga shocked France 19-14 at the 2011 World Cup, and they've made two changes ahead of today's clash.
1'Hello and welcome to the second Rugby World Cup match of today as France take on Tonga in this Pool C match at the Kumamoto Stadium. France are perfect through two matches with wins over Argentina and the USA, while Tonga are yet to get off the mark after losses to England and Argentina. The French are favoured to make it three on the trot.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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