15Blair Kinghorn, FB
14Tommy Seymour, W
13Duncan Taylor, C
12Pete Horne, C
11Darcy Graham, W
10Adam Hastings, FH
9George Horne, SH
1Gordon Reid, P
2George Turner, H
3Zander Fagerson, P
4Scott Cummings, L
5Ben Toolis, L
6John Barclay, FL
7Fraser Brown, FL
8Ryan Wilson, N8
16Stuart McInally, R
17Simon Berghan, R
18WP Nel, R
19Grant Gilchrist, R
20Magnus Bradbury, R
21Jamie Ritchie, R
22Henry Pyrgos, R
23Chris Harris, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa
3:15 AM, October 9, 2019

Match Commentary

81'+161-0 End of second half
80'Crikey. It looks as though Hastings has a hat-trick in the last move of the game, but it's called back for a forward pass. It was a forward pass, but that's two tries that could have been added on top of this shellacking. Russia end up lucky to lose "only" 61-0. Smiles all round for Scotland, who can now put their energies towards recovery and preparation for a winner-takes-all match against Japan on Sunday.
79'Player substituted - Dmitry Perov , Russia
79'Substitute on - Ramil Gaisin , Russia
79'61-0 Conversion - Adam Hastings , Scotland
78'Stuart McInally scores. Another virtually uncontested move from very deep, just tossing the ball around like it's a training session. Which it is at this stage, and for which Scotland deserve immense credit. But jeez, this is ugly stuff!
78'59-0 Try - Stuart McInally , Scotland
76'54-0 Conversion - Adam Hastings , Scotland
75'John Barclay scores the try that answers that first question. Russia have given up, not even attempting to defend that run from Barclay. Worth reminding everyone that Russia finished fourth in European qualifying, only for Spain, Romania and Belgium all to be disqualified. So... yeah... they're not exactly on the brink of a Six Nations berth, put it that way.
75'52-0 Try - John Barclay , Scotland
73'The game is limping along to a finish now. The only questions left are 'can Scotland hit the 50-point mark?' and 'can Russia score?'
70'It comes to little, as Scotland earn a scrum in their own 22. They'll run it from here, perhaps a little surprisingly, given their job is very much done. A knock on by McInally kills the move on the edge of the Scotland 22, but they have a penalty advantage for the Russians killing the original scrum.
69'Player substituted - Andrei Ostrikov , Russia
69'Substitute on - Andrey Garbuzov , Russia
68'Russia get a penalty and will kick into the Scotland 22, hoping to at least break their duck today.
65'Nope, no try, it was a forward pass after all. It did LOOK forward, but don't they all these days?
65'Substitute on - Sergey Ianiushkin , Russia
65'Player substituted - Ramil Gaisin , Russia
65'Substitute on - Chris Harris , Scotland
65'Player substituted - George Horne , Scotland
65'Substitute on - Stuart McInally , Scotland
65'Player substituted - George Turner , Scotland
64'This is beginning to have the feel of a Sevens match. Scotland just have acres to run into. And it looks like George Horne has a fourth try of his own! Does he get a bonus point for that?! The final pass of a sweeping move from deep looks very, very forward, but it's not being checked and it's a try.
61'Player substituted - Kirill Gotovtsev , Russia
61'Substitute on - Vladimir Podrezov , Russia
61'Player substituted - Valery Morozov , Russia
61'Substitute on - Azamat Bitiev , Russia
61'Substitute on - Yury Kushnarev , Russia
61'Player substituted - Vasily Artemyev , Russia
61'Player substituted - Stanislav Selskii , Russia
61'Substitute on - Sergey Chernyshev , Russia
61'Substitute on - WP Nel , Scotland
61'Player substituted - Gordon Reid , Scotland
61'Substitute on - Grant Gilchrist , Scotland
61'Player substituted - Scott Cummings , Scotland
59'GEORGE HORNE! HAT-TRICK!! He becomes the fifth Scotland player to ever score a Rugby World Cup hat-trick. He sets up Pete Horne who then feeds Henry Pyrgos and Pyrgos takes advantage of the two-on-one situation to draw the defender and give it back to George Horne, who swan-dives over the line for his hat-trick. Just fantastic stuff from the scrum-half.
59'47-0 Try - George Horne , Scotland
58'Substitute on - Anton Sychev , Russia
58'Player substituted - Nikita Vavilin , Russia
57'42-0 Conversion - Adam Hastings , Scotland
56'TRY NO.6 FOR SCOTLAND!! Tommy Seymour this time with a classy finish, chasing after a bouncing kick from Kinghorn, right in the corner, and he does a brilliant job of staying in play and dotting down right in the postage stamp of the in-goal area. Marvellous try. Scotland have been excellent.
56'40-0 Try - Tommy Seymour , Scotland
53'35-0 Conversion - Adam Hastings , Scotland
51'TRY NO.5 FOR SCOTLAND!! It's a great lineout move, with a rolling maul turning into a snake turning into a burst forward by George Turner, the hooker, who runs over unopposed. Russia can't cope any more, they look exhausted.
51'33-0 Try - George Turner , Scotland
50'Player substituted - Evgeny Elgin , Russia
50'Substitute on - Bogdan Fedotko , Russia
49'Scotland continue to press forward, and Russia -- who have actually given a good account of themselves in this World Cup, considering they lost to Jersey in the warm-ups -- are in danger of a hiding. However, a back-hand pass from Kinghorn misses Seymour and goes straight into touch. One bit of flair too much there.
47'Substitute on - Henry Pyrgos , Scotland
47'Player substituted - Darcy Graham , Scotland
46'28-0 Conversion - Adam Hastings , Scotland
45'That came out of nowhere and it was all Darcy Graham. What a run from the winger, darting from midway inside his own half to the Russian 22, before selflessly feeding George Horne for his second try of the match. What a brilliant, brilliant try, and absolutely vital, too. Time to wrap everyone (especially Graham) in cotton wool.
45'It's been a shoddy start to this second half, with Scotland doing little right. And no sooner have I typed that... TRY FOR SCOTLAND! BONUS POINT! JOB. DONE.
45'26-0 Try - George Horne , Scotland
41'Kinghorn slices the drop out and it doesn't travel 10 metres. Scrum Russia, on halfway, and not quite the start that Scotland would have wanted for the second half.
41'The teams are back out for the second half. Kinghorn will kick off for Scotland, and we are underway again!
41'Player substituted - Zander Fagerson , Scotland
41'Substitute on - Simon Berghan , Scotland
41'Player substituted - Yury Kushnarev , Russia
41'Substitute on - Vladimir Ostroushko , Russia
41'+121-0 End of first half
40'George Horne still pulling the strings, and brings in the pack for a planned pushover move. Forward they roll. They've about a metre short, but when Horne tries to dive for the posts, he's hauled back and knocks on, and that's the halftime break. Great effort from the Scots, and they just need one more incisive moment to be able to commit fully to Sunday's match against Japan.
40'Throught phase 7, phase 8 -- Scotland need to make this count and they'll have secured the bonus point in just 40 minutes. The gong goes. We're into added time.
40'21-0 Start of second half
39'Scotland with one last attacking set piece in this first half. A scrum on the edge of the Russia 22. George Horne feeds brother Pete, now Gordon Reid rumbles forward from the ruck. Last minute of the half, now.
38'More fabulous skill from Adam Hastings, chipping ahead and gathering the ball perfectly, but he's then pushed into touch as he kicks ahead again and lands awkwardly. He's up and ok, but that would have been a setback, as Hastings has been fantastic so far for Scotland.
37'Russia have dealt with the pressure well on this occasion, and they're building some phase play albeit in their own half. They need to get to halftime and reset, while Scotland would probably also benefit from a rest as this has been a frenetic first half.
36'Player substituted - Vladimir Ostroushko , Russia
36'Substitute on - Yury Kushnarev , Russia
34'The set-piece dwindles as Duncan Taylor knocks on in contact. Still, Russia need to deal with a scrum in their own 22, and that's been a struggle for them previously.
32'Russia are a mess. A long lineout bounces into Scottish hands and more incisive play from Hastings and Horne in that 10-12 axis puts the Russians under pressure again, before George Horne at 9 chips ahead to turn the screw. Scotland win a lineout in the Russia 22.
31'Substitute on - Magnus Bradbury , Scotland
31'Player substituted - Fraser Brown , Scotland
29'Another astonishing kick into the 22 by the Scots, this time from Pete Horne. They've really dealt with this match incredibly well. Fraser Brown goes off, likely being rested for Sunday's big match against Japan. That's the advantage of taking care of business so efficiently today -- with "just" one more try needed, Gregor Townsend can start shuffling the pack already.
29'Darcy Graham comes down injured when challenging for a high ball. He knocked on in that challenge too, though that's the lesser issue at this stage. He's back on his feet, but looking a little groggy and likely needs some treatment.
28'Hastings likes what he sees in Russia having to defend lineouts in their own territory, so punts again into the 22. Prove you can deal with it, or we'll keep doing it, is the clear message from the Scots.
27'Another great kick by Scotland, this time by Pete Horne, and Russia will have another lineout in their own 22. This is Russia's last game in the tournament, and they probably want it to end as soon as possible, given how this first half has gone for them.
24'Who would have thought that Gregor Townsend might come out of this match with selection issues? This Scotland lineup has looked every bit as good as the first XV that underwhelmed against Ireland and lost its way a little against Samoa.
24'21-0 Conversion - Adam Hastings , Scotland
22'TRY NO.3 FOR SCOTLLAND!! Absolute lunacy from Russia, with Dmitry Perov trying to pass out of the lineout ball and being easily intercepted by George Horne. "He was nowhere near offside," says the referee, almost dismissively, as if to blame the Russians even further for their own errors. Crazy stuff, but Scotland are closing on in job done!
22'19-0 Try - George Horne , Scotland
21'George Horne feeds brother Peter Horne from the scrum, and then Hastings kicks one of the best touch-finders in the entire tournament, spinning round at halfway and then bouncing one into touch about a metre from the corner flag. He's having a blinder.
21'Another knock on under a high ball from Russia. Little doubt that this is a deliberate tactic from Scotland, who have identified a flaw in Russia's defence and are preying on it time and time again.
20'14-0 Conversion - Adam Hastings , Scotland
19'TRY NO.2 FOR SCOTLAND!! Another knock on by Russia, and some very clevery play by Hastings opens things up again, he chips and chases from halfway, kicks ahead again when battling Vavilin for the ball in the 22, and then Artemyev overruns it in his own in-goal area, allowing Hastings to touch down for a simple try. He's looked absolute class so far, has the son of Scottish rugby legend Gavin, and the nephew of Scottish rugby legend Scott. Born to do it, you might say.
18'High kick across field around the halfway line by Hastings, and Artemyev, with his fabulous moustache, leaps up to take it before being pummelled by the Scottish onrushing players.
18'12-0 Try - Adam Hastings , Scotland
17'Russia look to come back and have a lineout in the Scotland 22. Good handling in the back line, but a knock on and a gift of possession allows Scotland to break, fast!
15'7-0 Conversion - Adam Hastings , Scotland
14'TRY NO.1 FOR SCOTLAND!! Adam Hastings is the man to break through, darting in off a planned move that had Ryan Wilson pick up at the back of the scrum, pass to George Horne who slipped it to Hastings to beat a couple of men with a great line of attack and dot down over the line while being dragged to the ground by a Russian defender. Cool, calm, collected, exactly what Scotland needed.
14'5-0 Try - Adam Hastings , Scotland
13'Key turnover from the scrum as Russia knock on in the scrum and Scotland will have the put-in now. Big chance to open the scoring, with this scrum around 10 metres from the Russian line, right in front of the posts.
12'Scotland lineout from that penalty, inside the Russia 22. It's the first time they've had attacking ball that deep in the Russian half. And then Darcy Graham knocks on in the tackle, and it will be a scrum for Russia. Patience remains the watchword...
10'High tackle advantage to Scotland. And that comes back pretty quickly. Scotland aren't likely to take the points in a situation like this, so Blair Kinghorn will kick to the corner.
9'After that hectic start, the match has developed into a kicking battle. Which isn't all that entertaining, albeit necessary for both sides. The main takeaway: Scotland are going to have to be patient if they're going to claim this four-try bonus point that is crucial to their hopes of progress to the last eight.
5'The Scots still have possession, and George Horne, in at scrumhalf, sends it to Duncan Taylor who kicks forward, but it's covered up well by the Russian defence in their own 22. Penalty to Russia for offside, and that's the first stoppage in play in the first five minutes!
4'And they're taking advantage of that width with Darcy Graham advancing down the right, and then the ball comes inside before some poor handling stops Scotland in their tracks.
3'Russia hit 17 phases but had made absolutely no ground in the long run, so it's punted forward into Scotland's 22 and now the Scots will have a chance to show what they can do. Adam Hastings punts high across field and Tommy Seymour easily gathers it, unchallenged in the air. It sets up some width for Scotland.
2'Knock on against Scotland, advantage Russia. Lovely hands from Gadzhiev, the flanker, to slip it inside to Sozonov. Scotland defending resolutely as Russia hit a dozen phases of possession.
1'Russia have turned Scotland over early, in the Scotland half, and they will look to attack. They made a bright start against Japan in the opening game of the tournament, and also had Samoa rocking in the first half of that match.
1'It will be Russia to kick off - and away we go!
1'Anthems done, it's final countdown time and then kick off!
1'The teams are making their final preparations in the dressing rooms before heading into the tunnel and on to the field for the anthems. Russia in their red kits, Scotland in all blue.
1'Knowing they have a short turnaround for that match, Gregor Townsend has made 14 changes to the starting XV that faced Samoa last time out. Only Darcy Graham has survived from that lineup, and it is a massive test of Scotland's depth, even against rank outsiders Russia.
1'The task at hand for Scotland is pretty simple -- win by scoring four tries. Anything less will make their task against Japan on Sunday in the final game of the pool phase all the more difficult and they may be staring at an early exit from this Rugby World Cup.
1'Hello and welcome to ESPN's live coverage of Scotland's crucial match against Russia, who have proven to be the must-beat side of Pool A.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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