15Leigh Halfpenny, FB
14George North, W
13Nick Tompkins, C
12Hadleigh Parkes, C
11Josh Adams, W
10Dan Biggar, FH
9Gareth Davies, SH
1Wyn Jones, P
2Ken Owens, H
3Dillon Lewis, P
4Jake Ball, L
5Alun Wyn Jones, L
6Ross Moriarty, FL
7Justin Tipuric, FL
8Taulupe Faletau, N8
16Ryan Elias, R
17Rob Evans, R
18Leon Brown, R
19Will Rowlands, R
20Aaron Wainwright, R
21Tomos Williams, R
22Jarrod Evans, R
23Johnny McNicholl, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Principality Stadium
11:45 AM, February 22, 2020
Capacity: 74,500

Match Commentary

81'23-27 End of second half
80'That's it for Six Nations live commentary today. It's been a wild ride. Follon on for a full report and further reaction.
80'There is a fight at the end. Actually, there are two large mauls of pushing and shoving. It's boiling over.
80'Tomos Williams makes a serious challenge for the win. He uses his blistering speed, zooming in between two France defenders, but he gives away a penalty. France kick it out of play for victory.
79'France are holding on to their four-point lead for now...
79'Player substituted - Mohammed Haouas , France
79'Substitute on - Dylan Cretin , France
78'Matthieu Jalibert has the chance to seal the win (surely). A wide-angle penalty from far out, but he drags the ball wide left.
77'Romain Ntamack is hobbling his way off the field holding his mid-riff.
75'Dan Biggar scores...maybe. A number of red shirts fly forward down the right-hand side. Wales look to have their move scuppered, but Biggar gets on the end of an ensuing pass and gets it over the line. He loses possession at the try line but TMO says that he quickly regained it. Try!
75'Substitute on - Baptiste Serin , France
75'Player substituted - Antoine Dupont , France
75'Substitute on - Thomas Ramos , France
75'Player substituted - Romain Ntamack , France
75'23-27 Conversion - Dan Biggar , Wales
75'21-27 Try - Dan Biggar , Wales
73'Wales are running out of time to launch a comeback, but they're careering forward...
73'Substitute on - Ryan Elias , Wales
73'Player substituted - Ken Owens , Wales
70'Player substituted - Dillon Lewis , Wales
70'Substitute on - Leon Brown , Wales
69'Mohammed Haouas receives a yellow card, France's second of the game, for repeated infringements. This has been some game, a big case for the best of the Championship this year.
69'Player substituted - François Cros , France
69'Substitute on - Demba Bamba , France
69'Yellow card - Mohammed Haouas , France
68'Player substituted - Bernard Le Roux , France
68'Substitute on - Romain Taofifenua , France
66'Well, this is a controversial one. Dillon Lewis looks to pass left near France's try line to set Josh Adams in for a certain try, but he tackles as he does so. The ball his the French back's hand as he tackles, with the ball seemingly let go at the exact same time. The dilemma: Is it a penalty try or a good tackle? The referee rules a Wales scrum, but it is a huge call.
66'Wales wing Josh Adams, who was a doubt for much of the build-up to this game after picking up an injury against Ireland, received treatment on his ankle and comes back onto the field with a heavy amount of strapping around his right boot.
66'Player substituted - Teddy Thomas , France
66'Substitute on - Matthieu Jalibert , France
66'Player substituted - Josh Adams , Wales
66'Substitute on - Jarrod Evans , Wales
66'Substitute on - Will Rowlands , Wales
66'Player substituted - Jake Ball , Wales
65'Wales' Nick Tompkins gets into a leg race with a number of French backs but can't finish the move, ultimately tackled by Ntamack.
65'Substitute on - Aaron Wainwright , Wales
65'Player substituted - Taulupe Faletau , Wales
64'Romain Ntamack kicks his third penalty over the posts and increases the lead.
63'16-27 Penalty goal - Romain Ntamack , France
62'Wales give away another penalty. They can ill-afford to be undisciplined.
59'Wales' hopes of a comeback are still firmly alive, and they're showing some passion. Biggar wants to take an early penalty kick and rifles it into a Frenchman's backside. Ouch!
59'Player substituted - Wyn Jones , Wales
59'Substitute on - Rob Evans , Wales
56'Player substituted - Julien Marchand , France
56'Substitute on - Camille Chat , France
56'Player substituted - Gareth Davies , Wales
56'Substitute on - Tomos Williams , Wales
55'Wales have made a change at scrum-half, Tomos Williams in for Gareth Davies. They're trying to freshen up their hopes of a comeback.
53'16-24 Conversion - Romain Ntamack , France
52'What happened there? The game turns on its head in the blink of an eye. Wales put together a quick move, looking as though they will go in behind France before Romain Ntamack jumps in between the ball carrier and the receiver and intercepts. He ran a long way and scores an easy try. That was crucial.
52'16-22 Try - Romain Ntamack , France
50'Wales might well be regretting not kicking an easy three points at the end of the first half. Instead, they went on a five-minute crusade for a try but came up unsuccessful.
49'Wales were at the line for a little while, surely hoping to do better than they did at the end of the first half. But Dillon Lewis picks the ball up with a space in front of him before he scores, diving headfirst into the padding around the post.
49'16-17 Conversion - Dan Biggar , Wales
48'14-17 Try - Dillon Lewis , Wales
47'Nick Tompkins shows his sublime speed and gains some ground before kicking to the corner and forcing a France error. They have a lineout near the France try line.
45'France looking comfortable on the ball, again building some nice possession and pushing Wales back until Wales turnover.
43'Wales prop Dillon Lewis is down receiving treatment in a rather bizarre fashion.
41'Substitute on - Jean-Baptiste Gros , France
41'Player substituted - Cyril Baille , France
41'+69-17 End of first half
40'We're back underway!
40'Wales almost put the ball down but they managed to keep the ball alive. They pushed and powered and thrashed at the robust France defence before they eventually knocked it on. Wow! What a half.
40'Wales receive another penalty. The ball was spread left, Biggar and some of the Welsh backs were passing the ball between each other but couldn't find enough space to break free. Wales get a scrum, again. And Adams has been told to watch his behaviour after a face-to-face with Thomas.
40'The Wales attack is still going. They're just an inch away from a score...
40'Wales have a scrum five yards out and they have packed the left-hand side...
40'Wales were just a couple of paces from the try line but couldn't get the ball over. Gregory Alldritt gets a yellow card for repeated infringements. Wales decide to go for a try, snubbing the chance to kick for a further three points.
40'9-17 Start of second half
40'Yellow card - Gregory Alldritt , France
38'Halfpenny and Adams put together a good move down the left wing, passing the ball between each other but France manage to stop the move. Wales gain an advantage shortly after once the ball came further inside.
37'Just 37 minutes in and each side has run almost 300m. It's just insane stuff.
35'9-17 Penalty goal - Dan Biggar , Wales
33'You asked for even more attacking rugby and you got it. This game is being played at 100 mph. Wales broke forward before being stopped short of the line. They opted to spread the ball right (arguably mistakenly). The ball is run back to the left, where Johnny McNicholl tries to play a no-look round-the-back pass out to Alun Wyn Jones who is somehow on the left-wing. It's nearly intercepted but the play breaks down.
31'6-17 Conversion - Romain Ntamack , France
30'They think they've scored...they have now! France go back at it, just covering every blade of grass on the field and get another chance for a try just a minute later. Paul Willemse finishes off a move from a lineout. This is some performance from the visitors so far.
30'6-15 Try - Paul Willemse , France
28'France have a try chalked off, and some try it was. From Bouthier to Vakatawa to Thomas, all running forward with speed. The ball was kicked from one side to the other, where Fickou was one of two French attackers waiting. The wing stepped two defenders and scored, but chalked off because the pass to Vakatawa was forward.
26'Wales were attacking France inside the opposing 22, ploughing into the French line. They earn a penalty from near in and Biggar will surely add three points to close the gap.
26'6-10 Penalty goal - Dan Biggar , Wales
21'Some entertaining rugby is on display. Wales are launching attack after attack on France, keeping the ball on the ground and running at the visitors. But France are doing a superb job of keeping them out so far.
19'France extend their lead through the boot of Romain Ntamack from a wide-angle penalty kick.
19'3-10 Penalty goal - Romain Ntamack , France
15'That was some moment of play. Biggar kicks to Adams who was bombing it down the wing. The Welshman manages to keep his feet away from the white paint and offload the ball inside, but the move breaks down.
13'France are playing with a need-for-speed here. Just racing their way up the field as fast as they can, whenever they can. It doesn't work out this time, the ball was sprayed too far left and out of play. Wales are struggling to contain them.
11'Substitute on - Johnny McNicholl , Wales
11'Player substituted - George North , Wales
9'A fantastic low-kick to the far corner unleashed wing Teddy Thomas, who was zooming his way down the line. He beat the Welsh defender to the ball but stepped out of play when picking it up. This is some seriously fast-paced rugby.
8'3-7 Conversion - Romain Ntamack , France
7'Speed, speed, speed. France fullback Anthony Bouthier picks up the ball when a contested highball couldn't be claimed by the Frenchman's opposite number Bouthier who paces his way into the try area.
7'3-5 Try - Anthony Bouthier , France
4'Dan Biggar puts the home side three points up with a long-distance penalty kick, placing the ball just inside of the right post.
4'3-0 Penalty goal - Dan Biggar , Wales
2'Just one minute in and Gregory Alldritt makes a meal of a high ball. He kind of careered through the air at the ball.
1'And we're underway!
1'All eyes will be on France defensive coach Sean Edwards today, who returns to face Wales having spent eight years with the team.
1'Hello and welcome to ESPN's live coverage of today's Six Nations clash between Wales and France. Kick-off is in 15 minutes.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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