15Stuart Hogg, FB
14Sean Maitland, W
13Chris Harris, C
12Sam Johnson, C
11Blair Kinghorn, W
10Adam Hastings, FH
9Ali Price, SH
1Rory Sutherland, P
2Fraser Brown, H
3Zander Fagerson, P
4Scott Cummings, L
5Grant Gilchrist, L
6Jamie Ritchie, FL
7Hamish Watson, FL
8Nick Haining, N8
16Stuart McInally, R
17Allan Dell, R
18Willem Nel, R
19Sam Skinner, R
20Magnus Bradbury, R
21George Horne, R
22Duncan Weir, R
23Kyle Steyn, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: BT Murrayfield
11:00 AM, March 8, 2020
Capacity: 67,800

Match Commentary

81'+128-17 End of second half
80'That's all from ESPN's live coverage for another week. Keep an eye on the ESPN website for all the reaction to the weekend's games.
80'Scotland were seconds away from a bonus point try there. Kinghorn takes the ball and runs it down the right. With France converging on him he kicks it ahead but puts too much power into it and the ball goes out over the end line. The referee blows his whistle and France's Grand Slam hopes are officially over.
79'To their credit, France have played better in the last 10 minutes than much of the half. Vakatawa looks like he's about to break but another handling error sees Scotland win a scrum on the halfway line.
79'Substitute on - Duncan Weir , Scotland
79'Player substituted - Sam Johnson , Scotland
77'France fail to clear the ball after the restart as a block sees the ball pushed out inches from their line. They take no risks with the lineout and send it straight to the front and Jalibert kicks up the dield.
77'Substitute on - Baptiste Serin , France
77'Player substituted - Antoine Dupont , France
76'28-17 Conversion - Matthieu Jalibert , France
76'28-15 Try - Charles Ollivon , France
74'Scotland clear their lines but France manage to break through Ramos. Jalibert is on his shoulder and makes sure the ball is swapped through the hands of several players including Demba Bamba until it gets to Ollivon who uses his Herculean strength to take the ball -- and a few Scotland players -- over the line.
72'If there's one area you can really point to that France should have taken better advantage of today it's the Scotland lineout. It's been scrappy all day and put players under unnecessary pressure. The latest one results in loose ball that is inadequately dealt with and France are given the opportunity to attack.
71'Substitute on - Sam Skinner , Scotland
71'Player substituted - Scott Cummings , Scotland
71'Player substituted - Anthony Bouthier , France
71'Substitute on - Thomas Ramos , France
70'Replacement George Horne nearly got Scotland's fourth try of the day. An overly eager kick, however, sees the ball bounce harmlessly over the end line.
68'Eventually a tackle is made and France win a lineout. Ollivon is lifted into the air but his men appear to let go of him and he's dropped flat on his front. The captain stays down for a few moments before returning to his feet.
67'Player substituted - Zander Fagerson , Scotland
67'Substitute on - Willem Nel , Scotland
67'Player substituted - Sean Maitland , Scotland
67'Substitute on - Kyle Steyn , Scotland
66'Scotland have been awarded a scrum right on the halfway line. As both teams tire it results in a small passage of the ball being kicked from one half of the pitch to another.
66'28-10 Conversion - Adam Hastings , Scotland
64'What an unusual try! McInally messes up the lineout throw and France intercept it but fail to hold on. The ball drops and bounces straight into McInally's arms but runs over the line with it.
64'26-10 Try - Stuart McInally , Scotland
64'Player substituted - Julien Marchand , France
64'Substitute on - Peato Mauvaka , France
63'A crooked throw into the lineout from Scotland sees France win a scrum. Alldritt takes the ball but it's lost to Scotland. Hogg kicks it up the field as the France supporters try to make their voices heard.
61'Beautiful kick from Dupont there. Takes it from inside his own 22 and lands it just inside the Scotland half. Hogg appears to think it's going to bounce straight out but it bounces once first.
61'21-10 Penalty goal - Matthieu Jalibert , France
60'France don't make it far enough and the referee calls it back for a penalty. Jalibert decides to kick for the points right in front of the posts as the wind and rain swirls around Murrayfield.
59'Player substituted - Damian Penaud , France
59'Substitute on - Dylan Cretin , France
59'Player substituted - Nick Haining , Scotland
59'Substitute on - Magnus Bradbury , Scotland
59'Player substituted - Ali Price , Scotland
59'Substitute on - George Horne , Scotland
59'Player substituted - Rory Sutherland , Scotland
59'Substitute on - Allan Dell , Scotland
59'Substitute on - Stuart McInally , Scotland
59'Player substituted - Fraser Brown , Scotland
58'France looked wiped after that exchange of play but there's no time for that as they have a lineout in the Scotland 22. Referee has announced an advantage but France are still making yards.
57'Bouthier nearly made it to the line but a poor kick from Jalibert put the ball right in Hastings' arms and suddenly France were forced to run back and defend.
54'Whenever either of these teams seem to be building a bit of momentum they lose possession to a penalty. France were steadily making their way down the pitch but then gave away a silly foul. Hogg takes the opportunity to hoof the ball up the pitch.
52'Scotland were slowly building through the phases and creeping closer to the France line when France win the advantage for holding on the ground. Penaud takes it quickly and Les Bleus attempt to pass their way out of their half.
51'Substitute on - Jean-Baptiste Gros , France
51'Player substituted - Jefferson Poirot , France
50'Scotland's scrum has been dominant all day. France concede another penalty and Gregory Aldritt shakes his head at his teammates.
49'Referee Paul Williams has been very particular about the set up of his scrums today. He resets twice and reminds players to "balance."
49'Player substituted - Paul Willemse , France
49'Substitute on - Romain Taofifenua , France
48'Scotland fail to capitalise on the advantage and France win a scrum.
48'Substitute on - Demba Bamba , France
48'Player substituted - Francois Cros , France
47'Gilchrist is hoisted into the air and takes the ball cleanly from the restart. He's brought down and France are penalised for Cros not rolling away. The kick brings Scotland into France's half.
46'21-7 Conversion - Adam Hastings , Scotland
45'Nice team effort from Scotland there in the build up to the try. Hogg sets Harris away who brings it inside to Price. France get the tackles in but more quick ball from Price and Hastings sees the ball land in Maitland's hands once more and he takes it over the line for Scotland's second try.
45'19-7 Try - Sean Maitland , Scotland
43'Scotland make a mess of the resulting lineout. They fail to hold on to the ball but it's adjudged to have gone backwards. Hogg hoofs the ball up the pitch to give Scotland some space and Jalibert returns it.
42'Disappointing end to that attack from France. Just metres from the line and Dupont is penalised for holding the ball on the ground.
42'A knock on from Hogg grants France advantage and they make their way into the Scotland 22. This ball is much faster and cleaner than the first half.
41'France win a penalty straight away after Price is found to be offside.
41'+114-7 End of first half
41'14-7 Try - Sean Maitland , Scotland
40'Hogg launches a ball into the air to get the second half underway.
40'That was a difficult kick for Hastings and he dragged the conversion just to the left and wide. Manic final 10 minutes of the half in Murrayfield there. Scotland will go in reassured and France will be wondering if the tournament is slipping from their grasp with Ireland to come next week.
40'Hastings breaks with Price on his shoulder but can't quite get the pass away. It doesn't matter, however, as quick ball finds its way out to Maitland who is totally unmarked.
40'14-7 Start of second half
38'In a play that perhaps illustrates France's day so far Dupont is left running around the middle of the pitch trying to find someone to pass to. There was no momentum or even someone on his shoulder to take the tackle. Scotland tackle and win the turnover.
37'Simple decision to take the points there and jump ahead. It very much feels like the old France is back in town.
37'9-7 Penalty goal - Adam Hastings , Scotland
37'Red card - Mohamed Haouas , France
36'There's about three different incidents here that the referee is trying to look into. Mohammed Haouas appears to punch Jamie Ritchie in the head. Fickou then runs in a tackle on Ritchie and everything descends into chaos. This should be a red for Haouas.
36'There's a big kerfuffle just after the referee blew the whistle there. Referee has asked the TMO to review what happened.
35'Scotland fail to form a maul and get pushed back. Referee indicates a France infringement and calls play back for the penalty when Penaud intercepts a loose ball and tries to run the length of the pitch.
34'Play is immediately up the other end. There's some confusion about a loose ball and France give away a penalty. Instead of taking the points Hogg kicks the ball into touch.
34'6-7 Conversion - Matthieu Jalibert , France
33'6-5 Try - Damian Penaud , France
32'Murrayfield has erupted at the first sign of excitement from France. Jalibert dances down the line and brings them into the Scotland 22. Dupont under pressure kicks the ball across the pitch to Damian Penaud who dives over the line.
31'Another solid scrum from Scotland. Price whips the ball out but Julien Marchand wins the advantage as Scotland are found to be holding on the ground.
30'Hogg looks to have tweaked his hamstring after swinging a high ball into the air. He stays on the field but will be worry for Townsend. France knock the ball on and Scotland get the scrum just inside the France half.
29'Scotland form a maul straight off the lineout. A beautifully placed cross-field kick nearly sets Blair Kinghorn away but the ball just bounces off his arm under France pressure. Les Bleus manage to clear from the resulting lineout.
27'Few moments of France pressure there around the halfway line before Dupont kicks the ball out on the full. The only France player who looks truly dangerous on the ball so far is Jalibert who has been poking at the Scotland defence.
25'Ntamack is sitting with the France substitutes and won't return to the field after undergoing a head injury assessment.
24'Haining manages to scramble it back from an under pressure Gael Fickou. It's been a messy few minutes from both sides.
23'First scrum collapses and we reset. Scotland win the advantage after the second and Hastings takes it quickly. Scotland can't hold onto it, however, and France retake possession.
21'Another scrum conceded by France. Referee giving clear instructions to both packs.
19'France don't have the same energy today that we've grown accustomed to. The passing is slow and clumsy. Scotland looking the better of the sides.
19'6-0 Penalty goal - Adam Hastings , Scotland
17'France are penalised once more. This time it's 45m out from the line on the right side. Hastings measures it up.
15'Teams are choosing to keep ball in hand a lot more today. Yesterday was defined short phases and long periods of kicking back and forth.
14'Cros has returned to the pitch. France will be happy they only conceded three points during the time he was out.
12'Nice little kick and chase down the right from Ntamack's replacement Matthieu Jalibert. Poor from Scotland to loose it forward in the first place.
11'3-0 Penalty goal - Adam Hastings , Scotland
10'Nothing comes from the Scotland attack so we go back to the penalty. Hogg and Hastings have a few words on whether they want to kick for touch or the points. They choose the points and Hastings sets up just outside the 22 in the middle of the pitch.
8'This all ends with a Scotland scrum. The referee resets the first attempt and Scotland win the advantage on the second.
8'Player substituted - Romain Ntamack , France
8'Substitute on - Matthieu Jalibert , France
7'Sam Johnson kicks and chases the ball up the pitch. Ntamack is under it but takes his eye off the ball and it jumps forward out of his arms. Johnson is right there to take it off him but in the process his shoulder connects to Ntamack's head. The fly-half looks groggy and is taken off.
6'Poor lineout from Scotland results in France winning a scrum. Antoine Dupont kicks from the resulting ruck and it is gathered by Hogg giving Scotland the chance to attack.
5'Referee sticks with his initial decision. Penalty to Scotland -- which Hogg kicks to touch -- and a yellow card for Cros.
5'Yellow card - Francois Cros , France
4'Referee's initial opinion on the incident seems to be that it was a clumsy tackle rather than an attempt by Cros to drive Gilchrist into the ground.
4'We've gone to the TMO because the referee wants to check whether Francois Cros has dropped Grant Gilchrist on his head.
2'Ntamack has been a revelation for France during this tournament but his first of the effort spins every which way except over the bar. Early let off for Scotland.
2'That was a long advantage played by the referee. Nick Haining is the guilty party and Romain Ntamack has stepped up to take the kick from the middle of the pitch.
1'Early on and France have won the advantage for not rolling away.
1'France have been the team of the tournament so far but they have a mixed record against Scotland. They lost in Murrayfield in 2016 and 2018. Scotland have had a tough run with most of their competition overshadowed by the ongoing feud between coach Gregor Townsend and former talisman Finn Russell.
1'A quick summary of where we stand going into this game -- France are currently top of the Six Nations table despite the fact they have played one game less than England and Wales. England are second after they beat Wales 33-30 yesterday. Ireland vs. Italy, which was supposed to take place this weekend, has been postponed because of the coronavirus outbreak.
1'Hello and welcome to ESPN's live coverage of Scotland vs. France. The game is due to kick-off at Murrayfield in 15 minutes.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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