Algeria coach rants at journalist he calls 'enemy of the national team'

Algeria coach Rabah Madjer called a journalist "an enemy of the national team" in a furious tirade when he asked a question about the team's failure to produce top-quality performances.

Madjer, a former Algeria international, took charge of his country for a third time last month when Lucas Alcarez was sacked after failing to qualify for the World Cup.

Algeria's squad includes stars such as Leicester City's Riyad Mahrez and Islam Slimani, Schalke's Nabil Bentaleb and Porto's Yacine Brahimi.

Following a win over the Central African Republic in Tuesday's friendly, Madjer became angry when Mahrez, sitting alongside him at the postmatch news conference, was asked about the quality of the team's football.

He said: "Riyad, two seconds... I'm going to respond to the man," before losing his temper.

"Mr. [Maamar] Djebour, journalist from Channel 3, you are an enemy of the national team," he continued.

"You're an enemy of the national team and I say in front of everyone: If I, if I... listen, boys... if I have respect for you, if I have respect for you [indicating the other journalists], I don't have any respect for you [pointing at Djebour]."

When Djebour attempted to respond, Madjer shouted: "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Retire! Give the youngsters a chance. Don't take the youngsters' place."

Indicating that other journalists should ask a question, he said; "Come on boys, come on boys, come on, please, boys."