Algerian authorities vow to tackle stadium violence

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Algerian authorities have vowed to tackle the stadium violence which continues to afflict the local game.

Over 100 supporters were injured during incidents across the country this weekend, prompting the Algerian Ministry of the Interior to reveal new "measures and firm decision" were being considered to end the continued violence.

According to the AFP [via France Football], the Algerian Ministry of the Interior have ordered a commission in order to investigate the violence that occurred within stadiums this weekend.

On Friday, a league game between Mouloudia d'Oran and Chabab de Belouizdad was halted 12 minutes early after supporters threw projectiles onto the turf before a pitch invasion threatened the safety of the players.

On the same day, at least 104 people were injured during a mass brawl when rivals Jeunesse Sportive de Kabylie and Mouloudia d'Alger met in the semi final of the Algerian Cup.

Notably, there were clashes between police and supporters on the ground, and projectiles were thrown onto the pitch and by opposition supporters in different stands.

MC Alger goalkeeper Farid Chall had rocks thrown at him from the stands, while riot police were called into action.

The commission has been appointed in order to "[identify and] take measures and firm decisions with a view to ending this phenomenon."

Stadiums in the North African nation are regularly the site of clashes between rival supporters.

Tragically, Cameroon's Albert Ebosse, then playing with JS Kabylie, was killed in 2014 after being hit by a missile thrown from the tribunes.