Deer scores a goal, celebrates wildly like a last-minute winner

We've all dreamed of scoring that dramatic, last-minute winner and spinning away to celebrate -- but who knew wild animals thought the same?

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Yes, video has just reached us of a deer using its antlers, and a deft bit of skill, to beautifully finish off a move and nestle a ball into the bottom corner of the net.

But did the deer actually know what it was doing?

Be silent, you cynics, because you better believe it did.

After scoring, the deer turns around to celebrate wildly and does the kind of hop-and-a-skip it must have done in his dreams countless times.

And just look at how satisfied it is as it trots off back into the woods. Harry Kane would be proud.

Back of the net!

Antonio makes fun of VAR woes

You have to feel sorry for Michail Antonio. The West Ham forward has been on fire since returning from an injury layoff, and scored in his first game back against Tottenham.

But for the new handball law and the watchful eyes of VAR, he would have another two -- efforts against Chelsea two weeks ago and against Southampton on Saturday having been chalked off.

Antonio saw the funny side after that Southampton game, taking to Twitter to post a photo of himself with huge hands.

"These handball decisions are killing me, can't work out why it keeps happening," Antonio joked.

World chess champion marches on in fantasy

During the week we told you the tale of Magnus Carlsen, otherwise known as "the world's best chess player for the last decade," who was riding high in sixth in the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) game which hosts over seven million players around the world.

Not only that, in No. 1 position was a former Liverpool player called Nick Tanner.

Well, now Carlsen's "Kjell Ankedal" team are on the rise again after Saturday's results and have shot him up into first position, with Tanner's "winorloseonthebooze" dropping to third.

Carlsen's captained Liverpool's Mohamed Salah to send him up to the overall lead.

Will the chess champion prove to be the overall champion? No doubt he's got his strategy all planned out.