Aguero gives Spanish lesson, Rashford takes PE class as soccer stars turn teachers

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With many kids around the world having to be home-schooled over the past few months, Sergio Aguero pitched in by turning teacher this week.

The Manchester City striker lent his services to BBC Bitesize after agreeing to help deliver a lesson in basic Spanish from his back garden.

After introducing himself, Aguero taught his young British students how to count from 1 to 12 in his native tongue.

The Argentina international certainly has the calm, open, yet authoritative air of a good teacher, so it wouldn't be a surprise to see him rule a room full of 30 students as well as he rules Premier League defenders in most games he plays.

Aguero isn't the first footballer to turn teacher since the coronavirus lockdown began. Here's a few more enthusiastic amateurs:

Marcus Rashford

The Manchester United striker has shone brilliantly during lockdown, using his position to help out many of the most vulnerable people in his local community.

As well as his work with various charities, food banks, schools and shelters, Rashford also found time to stand in as a "celebrity supply teacher" and deliver a PE lesson for kids to follow at home.

David Luiz

Confined to his home like everybody else, Luiz decided to produce his own workout videos to help motivate his social media followers and keep them active during quarantine.

The Arsenal defender even launched his own fitness YouTube channel (under the guise of "The Geezer") and invited a few of his teammates along to help out.

Glenn Murray

In perhaps the most unusual example of lockdown schooling, Brighton striker Murray decided the time was right to try and teach his young daughter to speak Latin.

"The Latin isn't too bad at the minute, we're on very basic stuff like animal names," Murray said. "She's 7, so I can just about manage."

Lionel Messi

Playtime is a particular strength in the Messi household as Thiago, Ciro and Mateo are kept occupied with a good old-fashioned storybook and the occasional game of Uno.


Nani has been doing his best to teach his young son during the quarantine period, with the former Manchester United winger mucking in to assist with the homework.

James Milner

You wouldn't think it possible, but the Liverpool man managed to up his gloriously deadpan social media game to new heights as lockdown rolled on.

Preparing to home school his children, "Mr. Milner" prepared his classroom in trademark fashion, i.e. really boringly.

Wayne Rooney

With schools remaining closed, Rooney has been responsible for tutoring his four sons at home for the past few months.

The Derby County forward has shared several photos of his efforts, including educational games and family exercise sessions out in the garden.

Yerry Mina

The Everton defender decided to lend an educational hand last month by offering free Spanish lessons to fans via the club's social media channels.

Ryan Giggs

As part of the UEFA Foundation's "Champion Teachers" initiative designed to encourage kids to learn during the lockdown, Giggs stepped up and read a passage from his favourite book, "The BFG" by Roald Dahl.