Swedish Language Council adds verb 'Zlatan' to national dictionary

The greatness that is Zlatan Ibrahimovic is now enshrined in the Swedish dictionary Michael Regan/Getty Images

"BOOM! You just got Zlatanated, muchacho!"

Along with words defining something or someone who is completely untraceable on Google ("ogooglebar"), the unsettling male members of the My Little Pony fanclub ("brony") the verb "zlatanera" - which we're told literally translates as "to zlatanate" - has officially been added to the Swedish national dictionary.

The Swedish Language Council have rung in the New Year by adding 40 popular new words to the country's lexicon, with the official definition of "zlatanera" being "to dominate or be the best at something on or off the field".

For example: "Zlatan really Zlatanated Marseille's back four the other night."

Apparently the verb is derived from a word used on French satirical puppet show Les Guignols (imagine a Gallic version of Spitting Image) to gently mock Ibrahimovich's monster ego since joining PSG - though the Swedes have tweaked the French spelling slightly from 'zlataner' to 'zlatanera', such is their wont.

Give it another 12 months and the verb "to Ibrassassinate" will probably be the next Zlatanism to be added to the Swedish Big Book o' Words, with the definition being: "the compulsion to kung-fu kick all lesser beings square in their puny faces".