Spanish referee delivers devastating hit on unsuspecting Mallorca player

Life in Spain's second division is no picnic.

With 22 teams vying for promotion to La Liga, every game is of the utmost importance and players need to be on their games and fully aware of their surroundings. And if not, they just might end up on the receiving end of a body check from a referee.

That's what happened on Sunday afternoon in the Bilbao Athletic-Mallorca match, with referee Eiriz Mata delivering a solid elbow to Mallorca's Lucas Alvedano.

Mata's devastating hit on the 30-year-old Argentine defender looked to be an accident -- we think -- but perhaps the best part is Mata's "my bad" hand gesture at the tail end of the video.

Best to keep your head on a swivel when ol' Eizir is on the whistle.