Luis Garcia recreates 'ghost goal' scored for Liverpool vs. Chelsea

What with it being Halloween and all, Luis Garcia has joined a host of his footballing counterparts in dressing up and generally mucking about in face-paint.

However, the former Liverpool forward also seized the opportunity to poke a little ghoulish fun at rival Chelsea fans.

With his tongue pressed firmly in his spooky cheek, Garcia recreated his infamous "ghost goal" that knocked the Blues out of the Champions League in the semifinals in 2005.

Happy Halloween!! Some will find it funny��...others Scary��! #Halloween #Ghost

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Garcia may be decked out in a ghostly white sheet, but that definitely looks more like the costume of a blatant troll to us.

Sometimes you've just got to applaud the effort, but Chelsea had their own way of marking the ghostly goal. The Blues have clearly not forgotten the events of 2005 and did their own little video round up for Halloween.