Live pig smuggled into crowd at Palmeiras match in Brazil

Despite football stadium security being tighter than ever, one intrepid Palmeiras fan still managed to smuggle a live creature into Saturday's Brazilian top-tier clash with Atletico GO.

Indeed, the supporter somehow sneaked his pig through the turnstiles at the Estadio Olimpico Pedro Ludovico and was subsequently photographed proudly holding his porcine pal aloft in the terraces.

The little chap is a ball-hog, in a very literal sense.

It should perhaps be noted at this juncture that Palmeiras are commonly referred to as "Porco" ("The Pig") by their own fans, hence their terrifying mascot.

ESPN Brasil managed to get an interview with the pig-wielding fan, Lucio Nunes, at the match. It's a glorious bit of footage, even if you don't understand Portuguese, but here's what was said:

ESPN Brasil: Why did you bring a pig to the stadium?

Lucio Nunes: The pig is Palmeiras' symbol. And the pig is alive like me. I live to root for Palmeiras. Long live the pig!

ESPN: What's its name?

Nunes: It's the first time he comes to the stadium with me. I'll name him Bacanao. Bacanao! Yahoo!!!

ESPN: Do you own a farm? How did you end up having a pig?

Nunes: Yes, I live in a small farm and the pigs are my line of work.

ESPN: What's this pig's breed?

Nunes: It's a Piau.

As for the match itself, Palmeiras proved to be anything but boar-ing, as the Verdao showed plenty of grunt and eventually managed to root out an impressive 3-1 away victory.