Diego Maradona watches as Argentina crash out of the World Cup

After an eventful evening watching Argentina squeeze past Nigeria in the group stage, Diego Maradona was back in the centre of attention as his beloved Argentina met France in the World Cup's Round of 16 on Saturday.

Sure enough, Maradona arrived into the Kazan Arena with customary understatement, greeting his adoring public with a beaming smile and arms open wide.

Before kickoff, the 57-year-old was presented with a gift by Rustam Minnikhanov, president of the Tatarstan region, although Maradona's face suggests he was not immediately sure what he had been given.

Like the rest of the 42,000 fans in the stadium, Maradona was put through the emotional wringer by a game that pulsated from one end of the pitch to the other. Argentina fell behind before fighting back to take a 2-1 lead early in the second half -- to the delight of their most famous fan.

However, a stunning France comeback propelled by the mesmeric Kylian Mbappe put paid to Maradona's good mood, and the realisation that Argentina were going home began to set in.

Still, at least he had his girlfriend Rocio Oliva by his side to offer comfort. Quite what Brazilian legend Ronaldo, sitting on Maradona's right, made of it all is anybody's guess, though!

So, another eventful day out at the World Cup for the two-time winner, though this time there were no stories of paramedic interventions and hospital visits, followed by a statement to confirm his good health.

The tournament is certainly going to be a lot quieter without El Diego.