Barcelona's Philippe Coutinho shares photo from childhood days at Vasco da Gama

Having spent his formative years at Vasco da Gama, Philippe Coutinho came over all nostalgic recently when helping to mark a milestone at his former club.

Vasco da Gama are celebrating their 120th anniversary this year and to celebrate, Coutinho shared a small batch of throwback images on social media.

"Congratulations to Vasco da Gama for another year of its history," the Barcelona midfielder wrote.

"I am very happy and grateful to have spent more than 10 years in this club!"

Coutinho began his career with Vasco as a boy, spending a decade in their youth system before moving to Europe as an 18-year-old with Inter Milan in 2008, only to return to the Gigante da Colina on loan for another two seasons shortly thereafter.