Possum wins 'man of the match' award in Liga MX as Puebla defeat Veracruz

Puebla defeated Veracruz 1-0 on Friday in Liga MX in an important win for La Franja, but the man of the match award wasn't given to any of the actual players.

Instead, a limping "tlacuache" -- a possum -- that entered the pitch in the first half to the bemusement of the public and those watching on TV was the centre of attention, winning the award according to one TV station.

Veracruz is a side staring relegation in the face and with Puebla 1-0 up, the away team took the opportunity to make fun of its rival on Twitter -- asking whether the possum had actually got closer to its penalty box than Veracruz had.

The jokes didn't stop there.

One nascent twitter account changed the name of the "Tiburones Rojos" (Red Sharks) of Veracruz to the "Tlacuaches Rojos" of Veracruz, with an updated club logo.

And another commentator made sure that Mexico coach Gerardo "Tata" Martino was aware that the "tlacuache" is very much Mexican.

The opossum didn't stop to speak to awaiting reporters at the end of the game, but animal lovers everywhere will be relieved to know that the marsupial was rescued by local services and will be treated by vets before being released back into the wild.