WWE legend Foley to attend Sheffield United game after Sharp's 'Mr Socko' tribute

Scarcely believable as it may be, WWE legend Mick Foley appears to have struck up a friendship with Sheffield United striker Billy Sharp.

It all began back in January when Sharp caught Foley's attention by celebrating his goal against Norwich by paying homage to the wrestler's famous "Mr Socko" gimmick.

This led to the pair exchanging messages of mutual gratitude on Twitter, with Foley thanking Sharp for getting his name trending and Sharp thanking Foley for the sock-based inspiration.

The unlikely conversation eventually culminated with the Blades extending an invite to Foley to come and meet Sharp at one of their upcoming matches.

Lo and behold, the invite was accepted, with Foley confirming that he will definitely be dropping in at Bramall Lane in a few weeks' time.

Indeed, the 53-year-old will be attending United's home game against Brentford on March 12 before taking part in a special Q&A event at the ground the following evening.

Truly incredible scenes. Like something plucked at random from an alternate timeline.

As kids, watching him being repeatedly slammed through tables and hit with folding chairs, never once did we think we'd see the day Mankind at a Championship football game.