Dutch FA preparing for use of video technology in KNVB Cup

The Dutch FA (KNVB) is still hoping to lead the way in the use of video technology by training referees for its use from next month.

In February, FIFA rejected an application from the KNVB to run a live trial of match officials using TV replays during matches. That pushed back the possible introduction of the use of technology by at least a year, and the Dutch want to be prepared as soon as they are given permission to run tests.

The KNVB's "Refereeing 2.0" blueprint provides a timely look at how television replays could be used to eradicate poor decisions in the future.

A total of 34 games in the Netherlands have already taken place with a video assistant testing the role, though not yet in communication with the referee.

Although FIFA did eventually relent to allow goal-line technology, which was initially adopted by the Premier League and has been introduced in the Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and Serie A from this season, there is opposition to use of TV replays.

The Dutch want to trial technology in the KNVB Beker, the national knockout cup competition.

"The KNVB believes that video assistance represents the future for football," a spokesperson for the KNVB told AFP. "We are hoping to develop this technology.

"By training video referees now, we will be ready when FIFA give the green light."

The Dutch FA hopes to improve decision-making on penalties and red cards with the use of television, though it is unlikely there could be any FIFA rule change before 2018 after the testing process is complete.