Mauro Icardi autobiography writer defends book amid Inter fan anger

The ghostwriter of Mauro Icardi's autobiography, Paolo Fontanesi, says Inter Milan did not show any interest in his work until after its publication caused controversy among the club's fans.

The bestseller, which has risen to second in the charts in Italy since being released last week, incensed Inter fans due to a chapter in which Icardi spoke about his confrontation with them following a defeat in Sassuolo in February 2015.

Fans from Inter's Curva Nord called for Icardi to be scrapped of the captaincy and to leave the club during their 2-1 defeat at home to Cagliari on Sunday, while the striker issued an apology after being disciplined by the Serie A side on Monday.

Fontanesi says that people have got carried away and that there was no attempted malice in Icardi's words, while he wonders why Inter did not show an interest in the book until the fans raised their voices.

"The aim of this book was to recount to the fans and not offend them," Fontanesi told Mediaset. "In this account, which Mauro wanted to write, there was that passage explaining this incident in which he recognised he had made a mistake and, above all, that it is something he would not have done again today.

"Maybe we expressed ourselves badly. Honestly I don't know [if Inter read the book before its publication], but what I can say is that nobody ever contacted me. The whole thing was written in the presence of Mauro's wife and agent.

"The book's a great success -- it's second in the charts and the publishers wanted to print more copies, which now might not have those three pages in it."

Security officers were present outside Icardi's Milan home on Monday to ensure angered fans did not get to the player, while ANSA reports that a security officer walked his dog Coco rather than the Argentine, who usually takes the Weimaraner out every day.