Jose Mourinho says he once turned down approach to coach Tottenham

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho turned down an approach from Tottenham after leaving Stamford Bridge in September 2007.

Speaking ahead of Sunday's Capital One Cup final between the sides when he will seek a first trophy of his second spell, the Blues boss admitted that an exit clause forbade him from managing in England for two years and that even Spurs' attempts to pay compensation to the Blues fell short.

"I couldn't go," said Mourinho, after confirming the approach from Spurs. "I couldn't train in England for two years."

Asked if he would have considered Spurs, Mourinho said: "No, because I love Chelsea supporters too much."

Mourinho insisted he wishes to remain in English football -- ideally at Chelsea -- for the rest of his career, even though at times this season it has seemed he would rather be anywhere else.

Mourinho has often spoken of his love for English football since his return in June 2013 after spells at Inter Milan and Real Madrid. He was asked if he feels the same way now after complaining of a "clear campaign" against his side this season.

"Good question," Mourinho said. "That I love it? Yes. I would not change my feelings about it.

"About my desire to work for this club? No change. Exactly the same. Maybe in two, three, four months, maybe I can change my feelings. In this moment I'm a bit disappointed, yes.

"The only way for my frustration to go away is to play matches and to finish matches with the best feeling. And to finish matches with the best feeling is not just because you win.

"I remember clearly when we lost our first game of the season, at Newcastle, and after the game I told the media this was the way I like to lose. Great referee, no controversial decisions, we played well and tried everything and were unlucky -- this is the way I like to lose.

"So that the good feeling is not because you win -- it is a consequence of what happened, what you smell and what you feel. The only way I can be really comfortable is when the 90 minutes give me everything I love in football."

Mourinho's most recent frustrations have surrounded the two-match suspension given to Nemanja Matic by the Football Association for the midfielder's reaction to a tackle from Burnley's Ashley Barnes last weekend.

The Serbia midfielder will be a spectator at Wembley, but Mourinho pleaded ignorance surrounding the full extent of the punishment.

"I don't even know if he's allowed to go to the dressing room after the crime he committed by reacting the way he did, by pushing a player and getting a two-match ban," Mourinho said. "I don't know if he is allowed to go into the dressing room. I don't know if he's allowed to go to Wembley. I don't know the rules."

Mourinho met referees' chiefs Mike Riley and Howard Webb recently and insisted he listened carefully to the pair, contrary to some reports.

The Blues boss added: "How can I lecture somebody if I don't open my mouth? I was listening to the bosses and I was looking at some documents and the things they are discussing with other clubs.

"When they came here the day before they were at Arsenal and the day before at Leicester. They were going through some clubs."

Mourinho also said he speaks to match officials after every game.

"After matches when I go to the referees' dressing room nobody shuts the door in my face. Nobody kicks me out of their room. I speak with them," he said.

Mourinho, who is in the second year of a four-year contract, wishes to stay at Chelsea for as long as owner Roman Abramovich wants him. And if the Russian billionaire does dispense with Mourinho's services for a second time, the Portuguese will wait for another English club.

Mourinho said: "I don't want to go away. I will stay here in this chair until Mr Abramovich tells me 'Jose, it's enough.' If one day he tells me 'Jose it's enough' I will go to my house in London and I wait for another English club.

"When I left the first time I had lots of countries to go to and lots of clubs to go to.

"In this moment when I leave I have another 19 clubs in the Premier League and 22 clubs in the Championship. So the options are not so much.

"But I repeat I am in Mr Abramovich's hands. Until he wants me to stay, I will stay -- and that is what I want. I am not thinking about leaving, I want to stay at Chelsea for the rest of my career."